Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 2

Our day began with a wonderful afternoon of worship, prayer and rich fellowship between family and friends in the comfort of our living room. We listened to an encouraging sermon on evangelism by John MacArthur that sparked a good discussion regarding our experiences. This was followed by a wonderful meal prepared by Kim the cook. The team packed up, minus the cook this time and headed to the Byward Market for an evening of evangelism.

The Lord was not scarce in providing us with a location that brought a good number of individual men who, after our preaching, approached us to speak with us. Men with questions, men with needs, men with hearts searching for hope and meaning in their lives.
One young man, a Canadian soldier, stopped to hear the whole gospel message I was preaching and approached me after to ask how he can he find assurance of his salvation as he had been experiencing doubts in the past couple of years. I spoke with him for a half an hour and we agreed to go out for breakfast soon (before he is transferred to northern Alberta) to go over Scripture with him regarding matters of a Christian's assurance.

We are now preparing (prayer and packing) to head out for another day of gospel seed planting and watering. Your continued prayers, fellow Christian, would be most appreciated. Thank you