Mission Ottawa 2015: Day 5

Our 5th and last day of Mission Ottawa began with a beautiful fall morning and a hike through the Gatineau Hills where along the forest trails Wayne, Vernon, Kim and I planted many a gospel tract along the way to the scenic lookouts. Later a different kind of hike took us through a couple of vintage vinyl record shops for V and W.
When we got back home, Kim treated us to a tasty chicken and rice dinner followed by the best homemade apple crisp ever before we made our way out for our final gospel outreach on the streets of Westboro in Ottawa.
Standing with our crosses and armed with gospel tracts, we stood at an intersection that was more vehicle traffic than pedestrian but what pedestrians were there, a good number accepted our gospel tracts to take home and read. Here is to the Lord to do His work in their hearts for their salvation. And we prayed for all those who also drove by and saw the crosses. God can do anything with any kind of gospel seed.

What a great week this has been! Glory to God! It's hard to believe its over...for now. Until next year, Chris, Kim and I are going to have to try and figure out how we can get along without Vernon and Wayne. It ain't gonna be easy.