Mission Ottawa 2014: Day 1

We are a team of six this year and our first outreach last evening brought us directly across from Parliament Hill where the gospel was preached to many a tourist and other passersby. A good number stopped by to hear the gospel being proclaimed, as well. The cross was held and attracted some to stop to ask the question and a few lengthy gospel conversations were had. The annual "Rib Fest" is happening on the Sparks Street Mall which always attracts a great number of people. Being restricted from preaching at this event, we stood across the street from the entrance and handed out hundreds of gospel tracts and 'streetlight' preaching proved to be an effective approach to proclaiming the gospel to the throngs of people crossing back and forth at the intersection. Vernon and Wayne finally got some long awaited sleep last night. It is noon, Saturday, and we are now getting ready to head out for the day to see what the Lord, how the Lord and where the Lord will lead us and have us do today. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ: your prayers are MOST appreciated. We go forth this day for the
glory to God! Thank you!