Mission Ottawa 2014: Day 3

Another busy day on the streets of Ottawa, our third day, was a arduous and fruitful one. The Lord was gracious to provide us with another beautiful day to bring and proclaim the gospel in the downtown core where thousands seemed to be streaming through the streets due to the many festivals going on simultaneously in the area.
One thing we enjoyed seeing was having Zoe Curry join us on Elgin Street to hand out tracts. She is the youngest daughter of Chris Curry and is all of seven years old. It was her first time helping out with Mission Ottawa and gladly gave out 45 gospel tracts to passersby in the short time she was there. Thank you, Zoe!
The only heckling we received was when I preached the gospel to a long lineup of people waiting on the sidewalk in front of a centre town church where the world renowned Montreal Jubilee Gospel Choir was set to perform an array of gospel songs.
Yes, heckled by a woman in the lineup who was offended by the gospel being preached before hearing the gospel being sung. We handed out gospel tracts for the next 20 minutes to those who arrived for the concert after the lineup was let in.
All in all, it was a great day in the giving and proclamation of God's saving message. Praise God!


Katrina said…
I'm praying for you guys, as always!