A Special Evening in Roswell

This past Sunday as I left church I was so encouraged by the message and just thanking God for it and our pastor.  I am also thankful for the many people that are faithful to share the gospel with others week after week.  Heading to work that afternoon I was thinking about how I could get back on the streets with Ryan and do some crosswalking in Roswell. Then it came to me.....we could meet up on Monday eve and crosswalk during rush hour. We confirmed the plans by text and "It was On!'

Monday afternoon I was hangin with the fam and I was approached by my daughter Emily and she said "I want to go crosswalking with you tonight".  I said, Sweet!!  ( inside I could have jumped to the moon ).  I was thrilled that my daughter who is a junior in high school would want to go to one of the busiest intersections in Roswell where thousands of cars ect go through there in an hour and hold hold a cross for her King!  We gathered our DVD's, tracts and crosses.  She picked out the "Run to Christ" cross!  We arrived at our favorite intersection in Roswell and went to our islands.  Emily handed a copy of The Biggest Question to one lady walking by...Ryan and I handed out some tracts. Emily's first time out with the cross was not only a special night......It was a great night.....seeds were sown and God was glorified!