100 Days with the Cross!

It is only fitting that the last 100 days I spent with the cross would be the 100th post on my blog. The 100 days out with the cross was a result of being inspired by my friend and dear brother Paul Latour of The Word Street Journal during Mission Ottawa 2012. He took his cross out on multiple days during his vacation. That inspired me to challenge myself to go at out on the streets for at least an hour a day for 100 days. (Unless there were hurricane force winds :-) )This is a brief synopsis of my last 100 days with the cross.

  August: The first day out was a soaker...I got drenched..but was encouraged by a kind woman who parked her car and walked over to me in the pouring rain to offer me her umbrella. She was a believer and took some tracts to hand out to others. My first Saturday in Roswell was great.. One guy said Come Lord Jesus. Another Lady stopped in her car and said "Ready for what?" I said eternity. She responded "I just saw you give a man a card...can I have one?" I gave tracts to a few others walking by. One guy handed me a cold Diet Coke..... thousands saw the cross. A few days later at Marietta Hwy / Hickory Flat Hwy in Canton, GA I Crosswalked and Stop Light preached with Wayne Albrecht from "His Feet on the Street", Cam and first time crosswalker David Beersdorf. A few days later while on vacation in FL Met Billy Mills pastor of Orange Ave Baptist Church in Green Cove Springs while crosswalking.  We had an opportunity to share the gospel with Justin and give him a Bible.

David Beersdorf's first time Crosswalking!

 At the end of August and back home in Holly Springs, I had the opportunity to meet Tiffany while crosswalking in Woodstock. She pulled over and asked "Am I ready for what?" Tiffany stops often and has been given HBKS, 180movie, and TBQ (The Biggest Question) DVD. We have spoken many times. I've invited her to church as well. Please pray for her.

 September: On one September morning in Roswell I had a great time crosswalking with Wayne Albrecht, Canyon Shearer, and Jason Fleming. We also ran into Todd Friel and his wife at the local Chick-fil-a. Alot of people received tracts that day! One morning in Woodstock I met Jessica and her buddist friend. They parked their car nearby and walked over to ask about the "Are You Ready" cross. As soon as I mentioned the Bible...the buddist walked away BUT Jessica stayed and we went through the Law and the Gospel. She was concerned about where she would spend eternity. We had a great conversation. Pray she would repent and trust in Christ. One morning I went crosswalking with brother Jonathan McCombs. He did a great job distributing tracts to anyone who came by! A busy day Crosswalking in Woodstock with first time crosswalker David Taylor (a missionary visiting us from Brazil) then open-aired Marietta Square then returned to Main St / Arnold Mill Rd Woodstock, GA and spoke with Brian from the U.K. he said he was a believer and we prayed together. Then more crosswalking onto Old Hwy 5 / Toonigh Rd. Shared the gospel with Josh. The next day David and I crosswalked Roswell. He held the "Run to Christ" cross.

David Taylor's first time Crosswalking!

  October: October started off with rain but I had my rainjacket this time! On another day a Holly Springs Police Officer stopped by and gave me a Powerade drink and some encouragement. A few weeks later I saw this Officer and was able to give him a copy of The Biggest Question DVD.

 November: Crosswalking Roswell with Jason Fleming and first time crosswalker Ryan Ensor and the "enjoygrace" cross and debut of "Esta Listo" tracts. Met Mike a missionary from Africa. Gave him TBQ to watch and pass on. I spoke with a young man who stopped by to offer some encouragement. Gave a TBQ and tract. Pray he gets involved in a local church. Crosswalked several days Wayne Albrecht. We also had the opportunity to Open air at Marietta Square then a quick bite at Salbo Do Brazil. A few days later a woman stopped in her convertible and got a DVD. I had a great time sowing seed at UGA with Bobby McCreery and Mike Stockwell. Mike was able to spend the evening with us and we had a great dinner at Longhorns Steakshouse with Cam, and Wayne Albrecht and our families. The next day Mike and I crosswalked Woodstock.

Great fellowship with our families at Longhorn Steakhouse.
Mike Stockwell crosswalking in Woodstock, GA

 December: Ryan Ensor, Jason Fleming, first time crosswalkers Daniel Courtney and Thadd Kennedy crosswalked Roswell. We handed out several tracts handed out and DVD's . Steve Arnold (a leader at Grace Church)visited us as well. A few days later a young girl named Cheyenne stopped by to offer a word of encouragement and said "I see you often and that what you are doing does not go unnoticed." She said she prays for me. What a joy to know that!! I'm so glad she stopped by. I gave her TBQ DVD. Over the next few weeks we crosswalked Roswell on Saturday with Jason Fleming and Ryan Ensor. Passed out several tracts and DVD's. The next Saturday, I was joined by Wayne Albrecht and Tom Goodrich (one of the elders at Grace Church). it was great to have Tom out with us..he was such an encouragement. We passed out several tracts and DVD's and also was given free Chickfila at the intersection.

Jason, Daniel, Ryan, Thadd and I after crosswalking Roswell.
Tom Goodrich crosswalking Roswell!

 There are more stories but those are the ones that come to mind. May this encourage and inspire you to challenge yourself in someway.. I was encouraged by my dear brothers over the past few months and I praise the Lord for their faithfulness to proclaim the truth with those all around them..I praise the Lord for the opportunity and I was truly blessed to have gone out with the cross these past 100 days.. I wonder what will happen in the next 100 days????


Mike Peek said…
Wonderful encouragement brother!
A fellow cross walker,
Mike Peek
Dawg said…
Way to go brother!

I love being on the street with you. You are a great encouragement to me and many, many others.

Keep up the great work in the Lord and may He continue to use you and bless you -

In Excelsis Deo
Paul Latour said…
Man, I'll bet you can write a book with greater detail to your stories and others experiences you had. You're a real trooper, bro, and a wonderful source of encouragement. Your efforts in doing your part to fulfill the Great Commission are beyond commendable. I love the spirit and the fire that God has placed in your heart to spread His saving gospel to the lost and exalt His name in the public square. Keep up the good work, Vernon. Mission Ottawa 2013 ain't too far away. God bless you for this, brother. I trust many hearts were touched (those that you know of and those that you don't) by the hand of God via your faithful witness. You'll know in heaven for sure.
Wonderful Encouragement bro, I am an evangelist at our university. I visit lecture halls before the lecturer arrives(May be 7.50am for an 8am lecture) and also preach the gospel in many other places. Thats a good encouragement for us to soldier on and not give up. Glory to God!
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