Summer Wrap -Up 2012

This summer has sure been a busy one.  Lots of events happening in North Georgia.  We started out at The Dogwood Festival with Revival USA and some great teaching by some dear brothers in Christ.  We were all edified and so enjoyed the fellowship afterwards.

We continued crosswalking through out the summer at different intersections in North Georgia.  Proclaiming the Truth in places like Marietta Square.  We also continued "Project Ezra" reading of scripture in public places which generated many gospel centered conversations.

June brought me back to Ottawa, Canada for Mission Ottawa 2012.  I  love my dear brothers and sisters at Emmanuel Baptist Church.  They have a evangelism report every Sunday while giving the announcements.  This report consists of what happened in the city evangelistically for the last week....Its like a message from the frontlines.  These dear brothers and sisters take the mission seriously and want to know what is going on they will know how to pray and how they can support those on the frontlines.  One sister is 95 years old and loves to hear how the gospel is being spread in her community.  She is a prayer warrior and is praying for those who are out sharing the gospel with others. It would be great to see more churches follow this example. Here's a brief video of this years trip!

July brought forth the Southeast Homeschool Expo in Atlanta.  My wife Julie, as well as two brothers Wayne Albrecht and Jason Fleming joined in as we manned the Living Waters Table at the expo.  We had many great gospel conversations. Please pray for Marcus who heard the gospel and understood what was heard.  Pray he would repent and trust Christ.


Paul Latour said…
Your presence with us every year, brother, is a blessing beyond measure. It is so good to look forward to working the gospel on the streets of Ottawa together. May the Lord continue this particular outreach for years to come.