A Day in Albany, GA with Jorge Argueta!

Jorge "The Animal" Argueta on the streets of Albany
Jorge is ready....Are you?


Jorge and his wife Angela

My daughter Emily had a swim meet in Albany, GA.  Once we found out about it I immediately thought of one of my street fishing brothers from Florida.  Jorge "The Animal" Argueta last seen almost four years ago on George St. in downtown St. Augustine lives in Albany. I got on the phone and we made plans to get together and possibly hit the streets before the swim meet began.  Jorge picked me up at the pool, threw the crosses in the back of his car and headed for a "fishing hole".  This was Jorge's first time out with the cross.  He did such a great job.  He was an encouragement to others as well as an encouragement to me.  It was great just to spend time with him on the streets once again.  We picked up right where we left off....something brothers in Christ can do.  We later went back to the pool and got to spend more time with his family. Oh, and by the way my daughter did great in the swim meet too!  What a great trip! Please pray for Jorge, his family, and his ministry in Albany!  GO!


Paul Latour said…
Praise God for you and Jorge. So gracious of the Lord to give you two the opportunity to reconnect and serve Him at the same time. Nice to hear about Emily, as well. God bless you all, friend.