A Busy Day with Canyon Shearer

Having the weekend off is a rarity to say the least. But on this day Canyon and I took full advantage of our time to proclaim the Truth.  We started off by spending a few hours with our crosses to a very busy intersection at Barrett Parkway.  There thousands read the crosses.....you could see their lips moving as they read the words "Are You Ready?".  One person shook their head no, while another said, "Yes, I am ready"

Canyon and his cross on Barrett Parkway

Canyon's shadow and Vernon with his cross

Later on we visited Woodruff Park where Occupy Atlanta was taking place. We had several good conversations and the gospel was proclaimed to about 200 people in the park. All in all, it was a great way to spend most of our day and we were honored to have the opportunity to share the gospel with so many on this day. Pray that all who heard today would repent and trust in Christ! GO!


Wayne Dawg said…
Way to go men!

Keep up the good work!
Paul Latour said…
I somehow missed this post. Great day, for sure. And Canyon is quite the street preacher. I saw the other one of him dressed up in the robe, as well. Glad to see you out there, Vernon, in your new surrounding with new friends. Waiting to see you on top of that shiny new black step stool you got. Preach it, brother! :)