Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sean and his Cross!!

Today I had the opportunity to hit the streets with my good friend Sean Borca of Jacksonville, FL.  We have evangelized in many different places together.  Today was a special occasion because although Sean has held a cross before "this was the first time he held his own cross!"  Several thousand people saw the cross today at the intersection of Blanding Blvd and Wells Rd in Orange Park, Florida. He also was able to give 4 MDB gospel tracts to people who walked by.  It was a very exciting day for both of us.  Sean was encouraged by some of the drivers as well as being an encouragement to others, but most of all Sean was praising his Savior and giving Him all the glory for how He has changed Sean's life. Praise the Lord for Sean and his boldness to share the gospel with those all around him. GO!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Busy Day with Canyon Shearer

Having the weekend off is a rarity to say the least. But on this day Canyon and I took full advantage of our time to proclaim the Truth.  We started off by spending a few hours with our crosses to a very busy intersection at Barrett Parkway.  There thousands read the could see their lips moving as they read the words "Are You Ready?".  One person shook their head no, while another said, "Yes, I am ready"

Canyon and his cross on Barrett Parkway

Canyon's shadow and Vernon with his cross

Later on we visited Woodruff Park where Occupy Atlanta was taking place. We had several good conversations and the gospel was proclaimed to about 200 people in the park. All in all, it was a great way to spend most of our day and we were honored to have the opportunity to share the gospel with so many on this day. Pray that all who heard today would repent and trust in Christ! GO!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reformation Day - KSU (180 Giveaway Pt. 2)

We had a great time handing out 700 180 DVD's, several hundred tracts and had an opportunity to proclaim His truth through the open-air. Canyon, Marissa, David,William and myself had several conversations. Some people who received it last week said they were impacted by the DVD. Pray for those who heard the gospel preached this day. Pray while they watch the 180 DVD that God would impress on their hearts the sanctity of human life and how wonderful it is. Also that they would see the depravity of their own hearts and repent and trust in a wonderful Savior! GO!!


Canyon, David, and Marissa

Here ya go!

Trust in Christ!

The guy on the left...many questions..pray for him.