Sunny One Monday and Partly Cloudy with a Little Rain on the Next!!

One week ago Canyon and I went to KSU.  This time we brought the "Lie Detector".  We have several great conversations and were able to hand out at least 1000 tracts.  Pray for Taylor ( a professing Christian who thought love was living out her faith in front of others )  We tried to explain to her about true love - The Gospel - which may needs to be shared with those around us....if really true care about people we will share the Truth of Gods Word with the lost.

Lie Detector  in action!

Canyon trying out this Preaching Stump!!

Big Money!

Conversing with a universalist..
The following week Canyon and I went back out to KSU.  The weather looked terrible but we went anyway.  It didn't rain on us until we were finished.  We were so glad that we went!! Pray for those that received tracts to come to repentance and faith in the Savior.


Paul Latour said…
You guys are doing a great job on the campus. One thousand tracts? At a college? Same day? GOOD STUFF!
Christ bless you for your continued faithfulness and obedience. The Kingdom is growing!