180 Movie Giveaway, Pt. 1 - KSU

We had a great time today distributing the 180 movie to thousands at Kennesaw State University until we found out that we needed permission to hand out anything or just talk to anyone on the campus.  We were totally unaware of these regulations.  Once hearing of this we ceased the giveaway and made inquiry at the Student Life Center.  We tried to contact others in our group to cease but it was too late..they were given trespassing warning citations and escorted to the parking garage.  We were able to distribute 1400 DVD's to the students in about 1.5 hours.  Several students walked by saying they had already seen the movie online.  They thanked us for being there. It was a very good day!....  We will follow the guidelines set by the school and get further legal clarification of those guidelines.  Praise the Lord!!  GO!!

The 180 Movie Crew at KSU...Cam, Wayne, Canyon, Julie, and Vernon.
  (Randy and Eric are pictured below.)
Wayne's first citation for sharing the gospel on a public campus.

Good Morning, Would you like a free documentary?

Did you get one of these documentaries?

Randy sharing with the students.

Julie speaking with a KSU Professor who wants to show the film to his students

Eric being escorted off property.


Paul Latour said…
PRAISE GOD!! That is a great number of DVDs handed out! God bless all of you. Good to see Julie out there with you, brother. And congratulations to Wayne on his first citation. I am sure it won't be his last. God was glorified and a great pro-life message went out and, most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ. GREAT work team. Glory to God!