Last Week.....This Week....

Last week we had a big group hit the campus of Kennesaw State University. We were able to distribute the gospel to thousands of students through the handing out of gospel tracts, one to one conversations, and open air preaching.  What a joy to share the gospel with the lost and proclaim His name all for His Glory.  Here are a few picks from last week: 

Not everyone liked the tracts

This week Tyler and I went out with the crosses to Barrett Parkway.  Tyler was holding the "He Gives " cross. I was about 200 ft from him holding the "Are You Ready" cross.  It just so happened that where I was standing was a bus stop for the mall.  So every so often a bus would pull up and all who got off received gospel tracts.  Tyler was able to speak with Vinny for 1.5 hrs. Pray for  all who saw the cross and received gospel tracts.

Tyler and Vinny on  Barrett Pkwy.


Paul Latour said…
Awesome work Vernon and team! May many come to Christ as a result of your recent gospel giving efforts. Praising the Lord with and for you. :)