David Mann: On the Streets In Las Vegas!!

Luke............Are You Ready?

Next time your walking the streets of  Las Vegas you may run into fellow crosswalker David Mann. This just happened to be pics from his first time on the street with his cross. Heres a few comments from David about his first time on the street.
First time out with the cross went wonderful. Had many people shout out, "am I ready for what?" or "I was born ready!" and many other comments. The cross works beautifully as a spring board for open air preaching and believe it or not it was easier to hand out tracts with that cross. Also got into some interesting conversations. It was an all together blessed night. Thank you Vernon for making the cross and I am glad to finally be a part of the crosswalk family :)

Paul Latour said, "Way to go David! I love these pics! You are right in the thick of the crowds. Great witness! The AYR cross is a great blessing, isn't it? May God continue to be glorified and many receive and believe the gospel within the glitz and glamor of sin where you are."

David said, "It was an awesome night and the looks on peoples faces were priceless. I wish I could have captured some of them. I pray they won't be able to get that question and the cross out of their mind and will have no peace until they are ready.

Pray for David and the ministry he has in Las Vegas.  He loves God and loves people by taking the greatest message in the world, a message of redemption and forgiveness to those who need to hear it most.... GO!


Eli Isimud said…
What do you talk about to the people who you meet?

Have you ever converted anybody?

Is this just preaching to the converted?

Do you ever keep in contact with the people you speak with?
Vernon Costolo said…
Great questions Eli! We talk about God, Creation, The Bible, Jesus, Judgement, Hell, Sin, Forgiveness, Eternal Life, ect.

We don't convert anybody...thats what God does through the Holy Spirit.

We mostly speak to the unconverted but sometimes there may be those that think they are Christians, but later they determine that they never heard the gospel and need to be saved.

People do have our contact info and
we see and speak with them on a regular basis.

How about you Eli..are you a Christian? Have you heard gospel?
I hope you have if not please check out this link....http://www.wayofthemaster.com/goodperson.shtml