Mission Ottawa 2010

Here's a summary of Mission Ottawa 2010 from "The Word Street Journal".

Last year at some point, the Lord put it on the heart of one street evangelist Vernon Costolo, of West Virginia, who is now of Georgia (a brother in Christ whom we only knew through our blogs and e-mail correspondence) to go somewhere outside his home comfort zone and preach the gospel for about a period of a week.

 A bit of a "mission", if you will. Long story short, he called up his friend, Sean Borca, of Florida, and they showed up at our front door last October.

But not before spending a couple of days with Bill and Jenny Baker in Toronto where they got warmed up to preach the gospel on the streets with them before arriving here in Ottawa. Vernon and Jenny knew each other from a recent Ambassadors Academy session in Southern California.

With four days slated to be in Ottawa, Vernon and Sean teamed up with Kim, myself, along with our pastor, Bob Doble and his wife, Marie-Josee. We met, we talked, we ate, we prayed, we planned, we geared up and out the door we went.

The video is just a summary of all that we did for four days on the streets of Ottawa and Gatineau, minus all the great fellowship we had.

We are doing it again this year and are opening up the doors to any who would like to join us, be it for a few hours or a few days. We are looking at beginning on Sept 3 (Labour Day weekend) to Wednesday, Sept 7.

Like last year, as most of our outings, we'll be busy handing out tracts, handing out Bibles, initiating gospel conversations, open air preaching, etc. If you are new to street evangelism, then this is a good time to get involved and maybe hand out gospel tracts to people. As you can see in the video, it is not that hard a task and yet a most important and effective part of street evangelism.

If you are not able to make it, we would most certainly welcome your prayer support. And if you feel led to do so and are able, financial support would be welcome, as well,  to help offset the cost of the thousands of gospel tracts we will be purchasing to hand out. We are already equipped with a few boxes of Bibles.

Ottawa is no different than any other city in any other country. The people here need to hear and receive the gospel. Not the extra-biblical ones or the candy-coated ones that are preached in the majority of churches everywhere, but the TRUE gospel, straight out of the Word of God.

Mission Ottawa 2011 will be a great opportunity to share in the task of building the kingdom for the Lord. A great opportunity to spread the saving gospel of Jesus with others in the capital city of Canada. A great opportunity to lift up and proclaim, in the public square, the Name that is above all names. A great opportunity to bring the living word to a dying world and give God glory in the process.

Please let us know by August 17 if you would like to join us on this gospel giving venture in Ottawa. Our e-mail address is thewordstreetjournal@gmail.com. Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Until the nets are full,

Paul & Kim