Reaching Her Community!!

Many weeks ago I was contacted by Melissa.  She wanted a cross to proclaim the gospel in her community in Northern Ohio.  Just like most of us the first time out with the cross is when you may have the most fear of not knowing what to expect.  This is Melissa's account of her first day on the street with the cross. 
  Well, as promised, here is the story of my first time out with the cross.  I didn't go out until today because of fear and bad weather.  But after hearing two sermons on being strong and courageous the past two Wednesdays, I knew I had to go out as soon as possible.  When I saw that the weather would be good today (at last), I knew today was the day.
  My pastor's wife joined me so that I would not be alone, and she gave tracts to the people who walked by since my hands were full.  She gave away 11 tracts, with only one rejection.  We were out for an hour and a half, in beautiful sunshine and breezy air.  So many people waved, nodded and smiled at us, and many gave us a thumbs up.  A few even called out, "I'm ready!"  We were greatly encouraged.  No one stopped to talk, but it is my prayer that many were provoked to seek the Lord.
~Melissa Burdett

Please pray for Melissa and her evangelism efforts in her community.  She clearly sets the example of stepping out of her comfort zone to reach the lost and glorify her Savior.  


Paul Latour said…
Dear Sister in Christ, Melissa,

I am a good friend of Vernon way up here in Canada. I just want to let you know how THRILLED I was to read your account of your first day with "the cross". I am sure you will soon come to know and appreciate the incredible PRIVILEGE and JOY it is to serve the Lord in this manner.

You will have better days than some but to the Lord they are all the same. He blesses faithfulness and obedience. That's all He calls us to do and street evangelism like this is the least we could do for our Savior who went through so much more so that we may be saved from our sins and be granted eternal life with Him in Heaven.

Always trust and put your confidence in Jesus before each outing. We all need His Spirit to guide us through each outreach. May He continue to bless you with courage, boldness, gentleness and patience as you set out to give Him glory in the not-so-popular yet ever so necessary work of evangelism.

I am thankful to the Lord and praising Him for His faithfulness in raising up more laborers like you to plant seeds and water the fields for His continued harvesting.

Press on, Melissa! You're doing great!


Paul Latour
Katrina said…
Thanks, Vernon, for sharing this. Praying for Melissa and her evangelistic efforts and very encouraged by it!
Wayne Dawg said…
Thanks for posting Vernon!

Melissa - I echo Paul's words!

I remember my first day out with my AYR cross; I was nervous, shaking and sweating ~

I encourage you to keep pressing on as Paul said and I pray that God uses that cross to His glory every time you are out there with it!

God bless,

Wayne Dawg