Downtown Atlanta

Almost there.
Grabbing a bite to eat, before we go burn all those calories!


Ken and his brother.

Downtown Lights

My second night in town and I was invited to hit the streets of Downtown Atlanta with a group of guys ( Jeff,  J.T., Randy, Tyler, and Eric) from Faith Community Church in Woodstock, GA.  and  Anthony from Eastpoint Church on the south side of Atlanta.  We all met up a Chick-fil-a to grab a bite We traversed the several city blocks and camped out for quite some time near Woodruff Park near Georgia State University.  As I looked around the park I saw so many people, some just hanging out talking, some playing chess, others waiting for their bus.  The was also a large amount of students walking in every direction. I had a great conversation with Ken and his brother.  They were very kind to speak with and thanked me for sharing the gospel with them.  Please pray for Ken and his brother. We had several great conversations and we also had the opportunity to hand out a bunch of tracts.  As I recall my first evening in Downtown Atlanta.. I was so encouraged by this group of guys and how faithful they are in reaching the lost in Downtown Atlanta.  Several of us had meaningful conversations, distributed a lot of tracts, and most of all...God was indeed glorified.


Dan said…
Awesome!! Glad to see you are off to a great start in Atlanta Verno... God Bless you all..
Wayne Dawg said…
Congrats on your first Atlanta evangelism tour!

Just to let you know; the little town of Jasper (about 30-40 minutes north of Woodstock) will be hosting "Artfest" next Saturday and Sunday (16th and 17th).

I plan on being there Saturday with my buddy Cam and whoever joins us from the WOTM class.

The hours of the Festival Saturday are from 10am to 6 pm. More than likely we will be there sometime after lunch until whenever.

According to the flier I have, there will be 80 booths set up along mainstreet. They will be closing off the streets to car traffic. I have no idea what kind of crowd will turn out for this event. But, nevertheless, there should be plenty of folks to tract and witness to.

Jasper will also have another event on May 7th where they will close down mainstreet and have live music from 5pm to 11pm.

That should be a pretty good crowd draw as well.

Look forward to meeting you and witnessing together!
Paul Latour said…
What I'm disappointed about is that it took you TWO whole days before you went out witnessing in your new city. :D))

It' only just begun, brother! Praying for you always. Welcome to Georgia...wherever that is. :) Georgians won't know what hit them! God bless you.