Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reaching Her Community!!

Many weeks ago I was contacted by Melissa.  She wanted a cross to proclaim the gospel in her community in Northern Ohio.  Just like most of us the first time out with the cross is when you may have the most fear of not knowing what to expect.  This is Melissa's account of her first day on the street with the cross. 
  Well, as promised, here is the story of my first time out with the cross.  I didn't go out until today because of fear and bad weather.  But after hearing two sermons on being strong and courageous the past two Wednesdays, I knew I had to go out as soon as possible.  When I saw that the weather would be good today (at last), I knew today was the day.
  My pastor's wife joined me so that I would not be alone, and she gave tracts to the people who walked by since my hands were full.  She gave away 11 tracts, with only one rejection.  We were out for an hour and a half, in beautiful sunshine and breezy air.  So many people waved, nodded and smiled at us, and many gave us a thumbs up.  A few even called out, "I'm ready!"  We were greatly encouraged.  No one stopped to talk, but it is my prayer that many were provoked to seek the Lord.
~Melissa Burdett

Please pray for Melissa and her evangelism efforts in her community.  She clearly sets the example of stepping out of her comfort zone to reach the lost and glorify her Savior.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Downtown Atlanta

Almost there.
Grabbing a bite to eat, before we go burn all those calories!


Ken and his brother.

Downtown Lights

My second night in town and I was invited to hit the streets of Downtown Atlanta with a group of guys ( Jeff,  J.T., Randy, Tyler, and Eric) from Faith Community Church in Woodstock, GA.  and  Anthony from Eastpoint Church on the south side of Atlanta.  We all met up a Chick-fil-a to grab a bite We traversed the several city blocks and camped out for quite some time near Woodruff Park near Georgia State University.  As I looked around the park I saw so many people, some just hanging out talking, some playing chess, others waiting for their bus.  The was also a large amount of students walking in every direction. I had a great conversation with Ken and his brother.  They were very kind to speak with and thanked me for sharing the gospel with them.  Please pray for Ken and his brother. We had several great conversations and we also had the opportunity to hand out a bunch of tracts.  As I recall my first evening in Downtown Atlanta.. I was so encouraged by this group of guys and how faithful they are in reaching the lost in Downtown Atlanta.  Several of us had meaningful conversations, distributed a lot of tracts, and most of all...God was indeed glorified.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Upon arriving in Huntington, WV three years ago I didn't know what to expect. No evangelism team, church, good friends or for that matter woodworking supplies.  I immediately started contacting people via the Ambassadors Alliance map for people in the area to hopefully form a team.  I remember speaking with Dan Stokely on the telephone.  He said, "he would love to hit the streets, watch me and maybe hand out some tracts".  I also had a fellow from Jacksonville who had relocated with me that I had been talking to at work whose name was Bill Sikes.  Just so happened that few weeks after arriving in WV that a Transformed Conference was going to be happening in Charleston,WV.  I invited Bill to go with me ( I had already been to Transformed in Americus,GA)  Bill said, "He never heard any teaching on evangelism like that"..."Vernon, I want to hit the streets with you and see how you do it".  I met with Dan and Bill on the streets of Downtown Huntington and Marshall University most every week. Upon first watching Bill in action I knew God had given him a special gift of public speaking and a desire to speak with others with a compassionate heart.  I was truly so thankful that God brought Bill to Huntington, WV.  Week after week we would hit the streets together passing out tracts and having one on one conversations....I would then ask Bill if he was ready to "get on the box?"  Of course just like earlier as soon as Bill started boldly proclaiming the gospel I was so thankful to the Lord for him and this ability that he has to communicate the gospel with clarity. (I keep waiting for him to ship off to The Master's Seminary in Cali. :-)   Its so exciting to see and hear how God has equipped Dan over these past three years as well.  I remember his first time on the box.."stop light preaching".  I also remember all the Project Ezra readings at Ritter Park with Dan and Bill.  Our first time at Marshall University Dan ran out of tracts..matter a fact we all did!  Since then we've handed out thousands upon thousands of tracts.  We even all packed in a car and drove to The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.   We met up several times with Gary Chaffins and Tim Duduit at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH. and then had a sweet time of fellowship grabbing a hamburger at Hickies.   Kenny Taylor (my pastor) and Gerald Foster has joined us on the streets several times and they have been an encouragement to me.  Kenny, Bill, Gerald and Fred actively participate with the churches' "Prayer Station" at Wal-mart.  Gerald, Bill, and Dan also take their "Are You Ready" crosses out on a regular basis!!  Did I mention why these men do these things?....All for Gods Glory.  I could go on and on.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to walk side by side with these men in proclaiming the truth to the lost.  I'm so glad that if I never saw these men again on earth....I will see them again in Glory.....what a joy.....thank you Jesus,  my Savior.