A Slave and His Cross

For those of you who were following the "Cross Giveaway" know Chris Jones won the drawing.  Chris resides in Suffolk, VA with his wife Tammy.  I had the pleasure of meeting both of them at The Ambassadors Academy in L.A. two years ago.  Chris has a passion as a slave of Christ to reach the people of Suffolk, VA and the surrounding communities with the Gospel.  Once Chris received the cross he was already planning where he would go, stand and speak.  Here's how Chris described his first cross adventure:

The cross was held high in Suffolk, VA this past Saturday! I was there an hour starting around 2pm. While I was there I did some counting. In about 1min 15sec of one stoplight rotation, approximately 50 cars came through the intersection. So that's close to 4000 cars, and many cars had more than one person in them. Conservatively speaking, 5000 people saw the cross while I was out there.  I got a good 13 horn honks of appreciation, twice as many waves or head nods of appreciation, and one middle finger combined with an obscenity. :) There wasn't any foot traffic, nor did anybody come by and ask me why I was doing it. But that's ok... :)   I look forward to the next time. 

May Chris be an encouragement to you to step out of your comfort zone to reach the lost with the Gospel.  Praise the Lord for Chris!!  


Dan said…
So Awesome Chris!!! Way to go man... it brings great joy to me to hold the Cross in my town.. Knowing that people drive by and do not see the Church buildings anymore or even think about them, however when you see a 'freak' on the streets holding a Cross that says "are you ready" THEY SEE IT!!! Bless you for your efforts Chris.. It brings a smile to my face to see this photo... May the Lord Bless you with many more uses of the Cross my friend..
Paul Latour said…
I'm with Dan in every way. Good points. Praising God for you, Chris! I know evangelism is not new to you, but the AYR cross is. What a blessing this wonderful tool is going to be for you. Press on, fellow fool. God bless you immensely.

And good on you Vernon for the cross draw idea. I hope there comes a day when the demand for your crosses becomes so great that you will have to open up a huge cross making factory!! :)
Chris Jones said…
Thank you Dan & Paul... and Vernon for having the contest! I'm excited to see where God will take me with this cross. I'm so encouraged when I read other blogs with their 'cross encounters'... so let me encourage all of you as well!

In Christ,
Dan Stokley said…
thecrossfactory.com is available for the time being... Good idea Paul.. I don't think Verno would mind a bit!!