Marshall University 2-15-11

Bill, Dan, and I were joined today by Mike Riddle. The Gospel was shared with hundreds of students today. There were several great conversations with Muslims, Asians, and Roman Catholics. It was a great day. To God be the Glory.

Mike handing out gospel tracts and info on the nearby Creation Museum.

Bill speaking with a Muslim student.

Mike enjoyed sharing the gospel with this student.

This girl Bill was speaking with wanted to know more...

Bill having a great conversation with a Muslim student.

Did you get one of these??

Danno in action!!

Vernon, Bill, and Mike


Paul Latour said…
Way to go guys! God bless you for your faithfulness. When there are a million different things you could be doing with your "free" time, you're doing the most important one. Keep up the good work!
Vernon Costolo said…
Thanks so much Paul!!