Cross Give-a-way!!

One Cross will be given away to the person whose name is randomly selected out of a hat. To see how I constructed the cross you can check out my previous blog.
There are two requirements:  1. The cross must be used on the street frequently ( i.e. not a dust collector) and 2.  The person who wins the cross will provide a picture with of themselves with the cross in action!!
To enter the drawing all you need to do is post a comment with your contact info and your name will be added .  The drawing will be Feb 1st!!  Let the posting begin....

Note: United States residents only


Anonymous said…
I would love to carry this cross for my Lord and Savior!Jammie and Amy Blair
Danny said…
When death knocks at your door...where will you spend your eternity?
Danny Sturgill
Not sure if international applicants are allowed - but here goes. Would love to try this out in Serraria, Brazil. The words would have to be: Você está preparado?

David Taylor
Rua Belo Horizonte, 114,
Serraria, Sao José, SC
Brazil, South America
Chris Jones said…
My brother, I would be honored if God chose me to be the winner of your hand made cross and to hold up high for Christ' name. I have felt God calling me to do this for some time now.

Take care,
Christian said…
I would be honored to carry this cross in my town in the downtown area.

baptistmike said…
I would love to carry the cross!
I would be honored to carry your cross
Dan Stokley said…
Don't put my name in the give away as I already have one that you made for me.. I do count it a Joy to hold the Cross while standing on the street corner as cars pass by.. If you have never had the experience of holding a Cross while others pass by, you need to... I am excited for the one that is going to win...
GBC said…
I would enjoy carrying this cross out with our team every week and possibly more often on a street corner by our house.
Nate said…
I'd love to be included in the drawing. Nate Frost
Wayne Dawg said…
Not entering, just making a comment:

It warms my heart to see all these who are interested in carrying a cross in their hometown.

I love taking my cross to different parts of my hometown; the conversations that can result from someone seeing the cross are priceless!!

Great idea Vernon!
Jenny said…
Me, me, me; Oh me!!!!! :)
myleesmissions said…
I would love to win this!!!

-Gary Chaffins