Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sean and his Cross!!

Today I had the opportunity to hit the streets with my good friend Sean Borca of Jacksonville, FL.  We have evangelized in many different places together.  Today was a special occasion because although Sean has held a cross before "this was the first time he held his own cross!"  Several thousand people saw the cross today at the intersection of Blanding Blvd and Wells Rd in Orange Park, Florida. He also was able to give 4 MDB gospel tracts to people who walked by.  It was a very exciting day for both of us.  Sean was encouraged by some of the drivers as well as being an encouragement to others, but most of all Sean was praising his Savior and giving Him all the glory for how He has changed Sean's life. Praise the Lord for Sean and his boldness to share the gospel with those all around him. GO!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Busy Day with Canyon Shearer

Having the weekend off is a rarity to say the least. But on this day Canyon and I took full advantage of our time to proclaim the Truth.  We started off by spending a few hours with our crosses to a very busy intersection at Barrett Parkway.  There thousands read the could see their lips moving as they read the words "Are You Ready?".  One person shook their head no, while another said, "Yes, I am ready"

Canyon and his cross on Barrett Parkway

Canyon's shadow and Vernon with his cross

Later on we visited Woodruff Park where Occupy Atlanta was taking place. We had several good conversations and the gospel was proclaimed to about 200 people in the park. All in all, it was a great way to spend most of our day and we were honored to have the opportunity to share the gospel with so many on this day. Pray that all who heard today would repent and trust in Christ! GO!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reformation Day - KSU (180 Giveaway Pt. 2)

We had a great time handing out 700 180 DVD's, several hundred tracts and had an opportunity to proclaim His truth through the open-air. Canyon, Marissa, David,William and myself had several conversations. Some people who received it last week said they were impacted by the DVD. Pray for those who heard the gospel preached this day. Pray while they watch the 180 DVD that God would impress on their hearts the sanctity of human life and how wonderful it is. Also that they would see the depravity of their own hearts and repent and trust in a wonderful Savior! GO!!


Canyon, David, and Marissa

Here ya go!

Trust in Christ!

The guy on the left...many questions..pray for him.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

180 Movie Giveaway, Pt. 1 - KSU

We had a great time today distributing the 180 movie to thousands at Kennesaw State University until we found out that we needed permission to hand out anything or just talk to anyone on the campus.  We were totally unaware of these regulations.  Once hearing of this we ceased the giveaway and made inquiry at the Student Life Center.  We tried to contact others in our group to cease but it was too late..they were given trespassing warning citations and escorted to the parking garage.  We were able to distribute 1400 DVD's to the students in about 1.5 hours.  Several students walked by saying they had already seen the movie online.  They thanked us for being there. It was a very good day!....  We will follow the guidelines set by the school and get further legal clarification of those guidelines.  Praise the Lord!!  GO!!

The 180 Movie Crew at KSU...Cam, Wayne, Canyon, Julie, and Vernon.
  (Randy and Eric are pictured below.)
Wayne's first citation for sharing the gospel on a public campus.

Good Morning, Would you like a free documentary?

Did you get one of these documentaries?

Randy sharing with the students.

Julie speaking with a KSU Professor who wants to show the film to his students

Eric being escorted off property.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunny One Monday and Partly Cloudy with a Little Rain on the Next!!

One week ago Canyon and I went to KSU.  This time we brought the "Lie Detector".  We have several great conversations and were able to hand out at least 1000 tracts.  Pray for Taylor ( a professing Christian who thought love was living out her faith in front of others )  We tried to explain to her about true love - The Gospel - which may needs to be shared with those around us....if really true care about people we will share the Truth of Gods Word with the lost.

Lie Detector  in action!

Canyon trying out this Preaching Stump!!

Big Money!

Conversing with a universalist..
The following week Canyon and I went back out to KSU.  The weather looked terrible but we went anyway.  It didn't rain on us until we were finished.  We were so glad that we went!! Pray for those that received tracts to come to repentance and faith in the Savior.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Last Week.....This Week....

Last week we had a big group hit the campus of Kennesaw State University. We were able to distribute the gospel to thousands of students through the handing out of gospel tracts, one to one conversations, and open air preaching.  What a joy to share the gospel with the lost and proclaim His name all for His Glory.  Here are a few picks from last week: 

Not everyone liked the tracts

This week Tyler and I went out with the crosses to Barrett Parkway.  Tyler was holding the "He Gives " cross. I was about 200 ft from him holding the "Are You Ready" cross.  It just so happened that where I was standing was a bus stop for the mall.  So every so often a bus would pull up and all who got off received gospel tracts.  Tyler was able to speak with Vinny for 1.5 hrs. Pray for  all who saw the cross and received gospel tracts.

Tyler and Vinny on  Barrett Pkwy.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

David Mann: On the Streets In Las Vegas!!

Luke............Are You Ready?

Next time your walking the streets of  Las Vegas you may run into fellow crosswalker David Mann. This just happened to be pics from his first time on the street with his cross. Heres a few comments from David about his first time on the street.
First time out with the cross went wonderful. Had many people shout out, "am I ready for what?" or "I was born ready!" and many other comments. The cross works beautifully as a spring board for open air preaching and believe it or not it was easier to hand out tracts with that cross. Also got into some interesting conversations. It was an all together blessed night. Thank you Vernon for making the cross and I am glad to finally be a part of the crosswalk family :)

Paul Latour said, "Way to go David! I love these pics! You are right in the thick of the crowds. Great witness! The AYR cross is a great blessing, isn't it? May God continue to be glorified and many receive and believe the gospel within the glitz and glamor of sin where you are."

David said, "It was an awesome night and the looks on peoples faces were priceless. I wish I could have captured some of them. I pray they won't be able to get that question and the cross out of their mind and will have no peace until they are ready.

Pray for David and the ministry he has in Las Vegas.  He loves God and loves people by taking the greatest message in the world, a message of redemption and forgiveness to those who need to hear it most.... GO!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mission Ottawa 2010

Here's a summary of Mission Ottawa 2010 from "The Word Street Journal".

Last year at some point, the Lord put it on the heart of one street evangelist Vernon Costolo, of West Virginia, who is now of Georgia (a brother in Christ whom we only knew through our blogs and e-mail correspondence) to go somewhere outside his home comfort zone and preach the gospel for about a period of a week.

 A bit of a "mission", if you will. Long story short, he called up his friend, Sean Borca, of Florida, and they showed up at our front door last October.

But not before spending a couple of days with Bill and Jenny Baker in Toronto where they got warmed up to preach the gospel on the streets with them before arriving here in Ottawa. Vernon and Jenny knew each other from a recent Ambassadors Academy session in Southern California.

With four days slated to be in Ottawa, Vernon and Sean teamed up with Kim, myself, along with our pastor, Bob Doble and his wife, Marie-Josee. We met, we talked, we ate, we prayed, we planned, we geared up and out the door we went.

The video is just a summary of all that we did for four days on the streets of Ottawa and Gatineau, minus all the great fellowship we had.

We are doing it again this year and are opening up the doors to any who would like to join us, be it for a few hours or a few days. We are looking at beginning on Sept 3 (Labour Day weekend) to Wednesday, Sept 7.

Like last year, as most of our outings, we'll be busy handing out tracts, handing out Bibles, initiating gospel conversations, open air preaching, etc. If you are new to street evangelism, then this is a good time to get involved and maybe hand out gospel tracts to people. As you can see in the video, it is not that hard a task and yet a most important and effective part of street evangelism.

If you are not able to make it, we would most certainly welcome your prayer support. And if you feel led to do so and are able, financial support would be welcome, as well,  to help offset the cost of the thousands of gospel tracts we will be purchasing to hand out. We are already equipped with a few boxes of Bibles.

Ottawa is no different than any other city in any other country. The people here need to hear and receive the gospel. Not the extra-biblical ones or the candy-coated ones that are preached in the majority of churches everywhere, but the TRUE gospel, straight out of the Word of God.

Mission Ottawa 2011 will be a great opportunity to share in the task of building the kingdom for the Lord. A great opportunity to spread the saving gospel of Jesus with others in the capital city of Canada. A great opportunity to lift up and proclaim, in the public square, the Name that is above all names. A great opportunity to bring the living word to a dying world and give God glory in the process.

Please let us know by August 17 if you would like to join us on this gospel giving venture in Ottawa. Our e-mail address is Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Until the nets are full,

Paul & Kim

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Afternoon on Marietta Square

Eric and I decided to return this week to Marietta Square.  The weather wasn't the greatest but at least it wasn't raining or snowing.  This was my first opportunity to use amplification in the square and do "Project Ezra".
Vernon on the square.


Eric sharing the gospel.
I started off reading John 1 and then presented the Gospel.  I saw one lady enter the park, sit down and listen.  When I finished she stood and left.  Eric spoke with Jesse.  Jesse is one of the regulars in the park. He shared some stories about his life with Eric.  They spoke for some time then Eric took Jesse to get some dinner. Eric also had a long conversation with the gentleman in the picture below. ( Pray for the man in the pic. )  I remained at the park at spoke to a young couple.  We had a good conversation, but I don't think the young lady named Ryan was a believer.  Please pray that she would consider what we spoke about and that she would come to repentance and faith in the Savior. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to share His truth with those all around us.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Marietta Square

Eric sharing the gospel at Marietta Square.
Eric and I had the opportunity to speak with several people on the square.  Please pray for Emma, Clayton, and the others who received gospel tracts.  Praise the Lord for the opportunities He provides.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double-Crossed in Woodstock,GA

Canyon on 92 and Main St.
Canyon Shearer and I decided to hit the intersection of 92 and Main St in Woodstock, GA.  We took the "Are You Ready?" and "He Gives crosses. It was rush hour so needless to say in our 2.5 hours on the street thousands of people read the crosses and hopefully asked themselves "Am I Ready?"  I saw one individual as he was driving by and after reading the cross, reached over and buckled his seat belt.  Another man yelled out of his vehicle "I am ready!", others gave thumbs up, waves, and others honked their horns or simply nodded their heads that they were indeed ready.  Canyon and I had a great time of fellowship afterwards and I am looking forward to many more times on the street with him for God's Glory.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reaching Her Community!!

Many weeks ago I was contacted by Melissa.  She wanted a cross to proclaim the gospel in her community in Northern Ohio.  Just like most of us the first time out with the cross is when you may have the most fear of not knowing what to expect.  This is Melissa's account of her first day on the street with the cross. 
  Well, as promised, here is the story of my first time out with the cross.  I didn't go out until today because of fear and bad weather.  But after hearing two sermons on being strong and courageous the past two Wednesdays, I knew I had to go out as soon as possible.  When I saw that the weather would be good today (at last), I knew today was the day.
  My pastor's wife joined me so that I would not be alone, and she gave tracts to the people who walked by since my hands were full.  She gave away 11 tracts, with only one rejection.  We were out for an hour and a half, in beautiful sunshine and breezy air.  So many people waved, nodded and smiled at us, and many gave us a thumbs up.  A few even called out, "I'm ready!"  We were greatly encouraged.  No one stopped to talk, but it is my prayer that many were provoked to seek the Lord.
~Melissa Burdett

Please pray for Melissa and her evangelism efforts in her community.  She clearly sets the example of stepping out of her comfort zone to reach the lost and glorify her Savior.  

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Downtown Atlanta

Almost there.
Grabbing a bite to eat, before we go burn all those calories!


Ken and his brother.

Downtown Lights

My second night in town and I was invited to hit the streets of Downtown Atlanta with a group of guys ( Jeff,  J.T., Randy, Tyler, and Eric) from Faith Community Church in Woodstock, GA.  and  Anthony from Eastpoint Church on the south side of Atlanta.  We all met up a Chick-fil-a to grab a bite We traversed the several city blocks and camped out for quite some time near Woodruff Park near Georgia State University.  As I looked around the park I saw so many people, some just hanging out talking, some playing chess, others waiting for their bus.  The was also a large amount of students walking in every direction. I had a great conversation with Ken and his brother.  They were very kind to speak with and thanked me for sharing the gospel with them.  Please pray for Ken and his brother. We had several great conversations and we also had the opportunity to hand out a bunch of tracts.  As I recall my first evening in Downtown Atlanta.. I was so encouraged by this group of guys and how faithful they are in reaching the lost in Downtown Atlanta.  Several of us had meaningful conversations, distributed a lot of tracts, and most of all...God was indeed glorified.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Upon arriving in Huntington, WV three years ago I didn't know what to expect. No evangelism team, church, good friends or for that matter woodworking supplies.  I immediately started contacting people via the Ambassadors Alliance map for people in the area to hopefully form a team.  I remember speaking with Dan Stokely on the telephone.  He said, "he would love to hit the streets, watch me and maybe hand out some tracts".  I also had a fellow from Jacksonville who had relocated with me that I had been talking to at work whose name was Bill Sikes.  Just so happened that few weeks after arriving in WV that a Transformed Conference was going to be happening in Charleston,WV.  I invited Bill to go with me ( I had already been to Transformed in Americus,GA)  Bill said, "He never heard any teaching on evangelism like that"..."Vernon, I want to hit the streets with you and see how you do it".  I met with Dan and Bill on the streets of Downtown Huntington and Marshall University most every week. Upon first watching Bill in action I knew God had given him a special gift of public speaking and a desire to speak with others with a compassionate heart.  I was truly so thankful that God brought Bill to Huntington, WV.  Week after week we would hit the streets together passing out tracts and having one on one conversations....I would then ask Bill if he was ready to "get on the box?"  Of course just like earlier as soon as Bill started boldly proclaiming the gospel I was so thankful to the Lord for him and this ability that he has to communicate the gospel with clarity. (I keep waiting for him to ship off to The Master's Seminary in Cali. :-)   Its so exciting to see and hear how God has equipped Dan over these past three years as well.  I remember his first time on the box.."stop light preaching".  I also remember all the Project Ezra readings at Ritter Park with Dan and Bill.  Our first time at Marshall University Dan ran out of tracts..matter a fact we all did!  Since then we've handed out thousands upon thousands of tracts.  We even all packed in a car and drove to The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.   We met up several times with Gary Chaffins and Tim Duduit at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH. and then had a sweet time of fellowship grabbing a hamburger at Hickies.   Kenny Taylor (my pastor) and Gerald Foster has joined us on the streets several times and they have been an encouragement to me.  Kenny, Bill, Gerald and Fred actively participate with the churches' "Prayer Station" at Wal-mart.  Gerald, Bill, and Dan also take their "Are You Ready" crosses out on a regular basis!!  Did I mention why these men do these things?....All for Gods Glory.  I could go on and on.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to walk side by side with these men in proclaiming the truth to the lost.  I'm so glad that if I never saw these men again on earth....I will see them again in Glory.....what a joy.....thank you Jesus,  my Savior.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Double Crossed!!

Dan and I decided to head to Downtown Huntington, WV. It was the maiden voyage for the "He Gives" cross. We both had several conversations and were able to hand out several tracts. We always enjoy our fellowship together on the streets!! Keep Fishin!!
Vernon and Dan at 5th and 10th Downtown Huntington.
Vernon chatting with two guys.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Slave and His Cross

For those of you who were following the "Cross Giveaway" know Chris Jones won the drawing.  Chris resides in Suffolk, VA with his wife Tammy.  I had the pleasure of meeting both of them at The Ambassadors Academy in L.A. two years ago.  Chris has a passion as a slave of Christ to reach the people of Suffolk, VA and the surrounding communities with the Gospel.  Once Chris received the cross he was already planning where he would go, stand and speak.  Here's how Chris described his first cross adventure:

The cross was held high in Suffolk, VA this past Saturday! I was there an hour starting around 2pm. While I was there I did some counting. In about 1min 15sec of one stoplight rotation, approximately 50 cars came through the intersection. So that's close to 4000 cars, and many cars had more than one person in them. Conservatively speaking, 5000 people saw the cross while I was out there.  I got a good 13 horn honks of appreciation, twice as many waves or head nods of appreciation, and one middle finger combined with an obscenity. :) There wasn't any foot traffic, nor did anybody come by and ask me why I was doing it. But that's ok... :)   I look forward to the next time. 

May Chris be an encouragement to you to step out of your comfort zone to reach the lost with the Gospel.  Praise the Lord for Chris!!