Black Friday 2010

Rain soaked Bill and Leah

Brandy and Leah...ready to pass out some tracts!

Open-Air Bill

Gerald, Leah, and Brandy
We had a great Thanksgiving. After spending time with friends and family we had planned since last year (Black Friday 2009)  to deliver the gospel to all the people waiting in lines at Toys R Us and Best Buy.  This year Bill and I had three new proclaimers with us.  Gerald Foster, Leah Sikes, and Brandy Riley.  Bill open-aired the crowd while Leah, Brandy and Gerald handed out tracts, ect.   Then the rain that time they had already handed out over 500 tracts and hundreds more heard the gospel preached in the open-air.  Bill handed out tracts to the Best Buy crowd while I open aired. Bill then closed out this years Black Friday with some open air and then we went home to dry off.  What a great time of fellowship. We are already looking forward to next year. Praise the Lord for this opportunity. It's such a joy to share the gospel.!!


Paul Latour said…
What great dedication to the spreading of gospel of Jesus. Way to go team! You too Vernon. :)