20 Degrees on the Street

Dan and I spent a few chilly hours in Downtown Huntington.  I had the opportunity to chat with Jason, who said he was a Christian but couldn't communicate the gospel at all. We had a great conversation and I hope he will consider the things of which we spoke.
Dan speaking with Russell

Dan "on the street"

Vernon "on the street"
Dan was able to talk to Russell a local homeless man due to some personal circumstances.. Dan was encouraged by his attitude being positive. He talked to him about his spiritual state and Russell stated he was saved.. Dan had a really good conversation with him. Dan also had a few others stop by and offer and handshake and words of kindness for being out there sharing the Gospel.  Pray for Jason, Russell, and all those who received Gospel tracts. All for His Glory!! 


Anonymous said…
i would love to help with your ministry..my email is scaseyfan21@zoominternet.net...stacey
Paul Latour said…
Way to go guys! Out there in the balmy warmth of the 20 degree weather Huntington. Come up and join us on the street in Ottawa sometime in February. You'll be going back home willingly able to stand on the street corners in T-shirts and shorts! :)
Vernon Costolo said…
We have sent you two emails. Contact us when your ready!

I thought you guys wore shorts up there too!! :-)