Wednesday, November 24, 2010

C.A.U.S.E. 2010: Marshall University

Our team took part in this years CAUSE project at Marshall University in Huntington,WV.  We were there for about 3 hours.  We had the opportunity to put the gospel into the hands of over 1000 people.  We also had several great conversations. I had the opportunity to speak with Josh who while he received the tract said " I don't think you should be here doing this, pushing your religion on people"  "I don't believe in God"  "Why is there death, disease, suffering, ect.?  To which I replied, " I'm not religious, I am here because I care about people".  I then answered his questions.  It seemed as if that disarmed him, then we were able to have a long conversation which included going through the law and the gospel.  Josh thanked me for speaking to him and said he would consider what we spoke about. Pray that Josh would come to repentance and faith in the Savior.
Dan talked to a couple of people today while passing out tracts.. One guy by the name of Caleb.. Caleb stated he was a Christian, but when Dan asked him "What must I do to be saved". Caleb could not clearly tell Dan how he could be saved... Dan shared the Gospel with him, and left Caleb with some thoughts... He also talked to Adrian. As Adrian walked by Dan and he started to hand her a tract she told him that the Bible was basically not God's Word and was politically changed... Dan talked with her for about 15 minutes about many different things.. Adrian's view on how one gets to Heaven was based upon doing good things, and loving your neighbor. Dan told her that his thoughts were different than hers and asked her which one is right.. Where do you look to find the authority on who's opinion is the correct one? Dan then led her to the 10 Commandments being God's Holy Law... He showed Adrian how we have violated God's Law and are bound for Hell, but repentance and faith will lead to Life. Dan had the impression that Adrian although being grounded in her beliefs did have a bit of a look of concern on her face as she was trying to place her eternal life in the hands of 'her' opinion instead of putting faith in Christ. Pray for Adrian.  
Vernon sharing with Josh.

Running short on sleep for this week's mission to Marshall, Bill was expecting to just pass out tracts. God had other plans, however, and ordained a meeting with Brandon, a young man who heard the law and the Gospel for the first time. He said he had been thinking about morality and the afterlife for some time, and was visibly moved when he was given his own personal copy of the bible to take and read. Please pray that God will give him ears to hear and that he will be born again!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Marshall University - October 2010

Bill and I had the opportunity to hand out hundreds of gospel tracts to the students at Marshall University. One particular guy named Anthony had walked by, got a tract, and continued onto class. After class he walked back by our location. He said that while he was in class he read the tract twice. He said that he was really convicted of his sin. I had a short time to speak with him. He understood that he needed to repent and trust the Savior..I pray that he does. Pray for Anthony.
Bill Sikes also had the opportunity to talk with several students at the campus. Among them were Erin, a cultural catholic who heard the biblical Gospel for the first time, and Dominic, an advocate of reincarnation who had questions about references to Jesus in the old testament. Bill also presented the law and the Gospel to Gerrica and Courtney, who both realized for the first time that their best efforts fall far short of God's expectation. Please pray for these and others to come to repentance and belief in the good news of Jesus Christ.