Shawnee State University - Sept 2010

Gerald, Dan and myself made the journey to Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio.  We met up with  Gary Chaffins from Grace Community Church of Portsmouth.   We all had several conversations and were able to utilize the "Lie Detector" from Living Waters.  The students really enjoyed it.  It sparked several people to start talking about how they thought they were good....but then they took the test and had second thoughts.  One person in particular named Marcus.  I was able to go through the law and the gospel with him.  He admitted if he was to die at that very moment "He would go to hell".  He knew that he needed to repent and place his trust in Christ alone to be saved.  He didn't have a bible so we gave him one.  Pray that Marcus would repent and trust in Christ. Praise the Lord for these wonderful conversations.
Gerald sharing with a student.
About to experience "The Lie Detector".
Dan patiently waiting.
Gary Chaffins sharing with a student.
It's "Lie Detector" time!!
Gerald sharing the gospel with two girls.
Dan was first able to speak with Dwayne. He had no idea what happened to someone after they died, but then went on to speak about either Heaven or Hell. Dan was able to speak with him briefly before his ride showed up. He took a Gospel Tract that Dan gave him and left.   Dan also spoke with two friends Aaron and Tyshon.  Aaron spoke, as Tyshon was pretty quiet.. Aaron believed that everyone goes to Heaven when they die. Dan was able to take them through the Law and Gospel and show them how we stand guilty before God for breaking the Laws of God. They are now aware that not everyone goes to Heaven when they die.  Dan also spoke with Tim who professed to be a Born Again Believer. Dan was able to pass out several Gospel Tracts to students as they came from the dorm area to the Campus. Gerald also passed out several hundred tract and had the opportunity to share the gospel with many students. Gerald is such an encouragement to us. Pray for all the students of Shawnee State and for all the seeds that were sown today.  Praise the Lord!!  Keep Fishin..


Paul Latour said…
So encouraging to see you sharing the gospel everywhere the way you do, but I was wondering:

"So, do you guys, like, not work for a living or anything? Make tents or something like that?"

Just wondering. :)