Marshall University: Fall 2010

Fall is an exciting time for our team in Huntington, WV. It's a time when the students come back to finish their schooling or it may be their first semester. We know we have a command to reach the lost with the gospel and that is what we did on this day. We care about people enough to put aside what or how they may think about us in order to share the truth with them. Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Garrett and Cody. Garrett came from a home where his Dad is a pastor. He has gone to church most of his life and has heard the gospel several times. He wasn't to clear some aspects of his faith. I was able to take share the gospel with him in our conversation. He said that he has repented of his sin and place his faith in Jesus. We spoke of some of the challenges he faces in the college environment and how to battle or make war with the sin in our lives. He asked for a handful of tracts to hand out to his friends and for those that cross his path. I was encouraged by his willingness to share his faith. Garrett is a football player for Marshall. Please pray for him and his team as they start the season.
I also had the opportunity to speak with Cody. He told me he sings in a gospel group. I asked him " if he knew what the word "gospel" meant? He didn't know. I explained to him what it meant and also had the opportunity to share the gospel with him. I asked Cody to examine himself and see if he was a Christian? He said he appreciated the conversation and would be thinking about it. He had to cut the conversation short to get to class. Please pray for Cody.

Dan was able to speak with Chris a Freshman in College about his Faith and the Gospel. Chris was able to tell Dan about his Salvation experience with much Clarity.. He was excited to see Chris's enthusiasm for Christ. Dan was also able to share the Gospel with a student named Tim.

Bill was blessed with the opportunity to share the gospel one-to-one with about 8 different individuals, including Mohamed, who had no idea who Jesus was, Ethan, who had never heard the Gospel before and requested a bible, along with several others. Regarding the discussions, Bill said, "It was a really diverse day as far as witnessing encounters go. I talked to a lot of different types of people, and even a few Christians, which was really encouraging. The young guy I spoke to named Ethan was really stunned by the weight of the Gospel and he said that he wanted a bible to learn more. I marked the Gospel of John and the book of Romans to help him get started, and I gave him some contact info. Please pray for him and all the others who received tracts and the message of the cross by word of mouth today!"  Keep Fishin!!


Paul Latour said…
Yep! It's that time of year again. Students are back to school. Lawman has a good couple of posts recently regarding witnessing at high schools.

I hope to be out there with the gospel this or next week as young people come from all over to begin their classes at University.

Its an opportune time to do so as they are in droves as they get things organized for their year of education...and wild partying.

Good job team! Let's get out there! These are our future leaders. (And some of them may even be our law makers and persecutors.)

Let's be out there with the gospel while we are still able!