A Great Day at Marshall

Dan sharing the Gospel at Ritter Park

Bill Sharing the Gospel.

Dan, Bill and I started of our day at Ritter Park.  I read our weekly scripture and then we all proclaimed the gospel in the open air.  We then went to Marshall University and spoke with several people.  We had the Lie Detector with us and it was a great tool to have.  I spoke with several people.  One girl didn't realize then extent of her sin and knew she had to repent and trust the Savior.  She asked for a Bible. :-)  Another girl was from the Church of Christ and we spoke on Baptism most of the time...we gave her some things to think about how baptism doesn't save, but it is done in response to what Christ has done in a person life. ect.  She was very pleasant to talk with and hopefully we will run into Anna again.  I had a chance to speak with a guy who told me he was a Christian but hasn't been to church since coming to school. I asked him why he didn't have an answer. i was able to refer him to the website to find a local church. I also spoke with several other people and was able to talk with them as well.  Pray for them.  Dan was able to hand out several Gospel Tracts today, along with having several conversations with Students. Dan spoke with Ronald and Alisha about their Faith in Christ. That was a real encouragement to Dan to hear how they could tell how they were saved. Dan also was able to share the Gospel with Todd, who had no idea how one gets to Heaven.. Dan shared the Law and the Gospel with him, and was able to show Todd no matter what he does he can never meet God's standard of Righteousness. Dan also spoke with Wade a student on the Campus that was also a Christian, and was involved in a Student Ministry.. Keep Fishin!

Vernon speaking to Anna about baptism.

Bill sharing with two Muslims from Saudi Arabia.

Taking the Lie Detector Test..the girl on the left requested a Bible.

Bill sharing the Gospel.


Paul Latour said…
God bless you, Bill and Dan. Such faithfulness. And the Lord was pleased to lead you guys to people who seemed willing to hear what you had to say and present. God's Spirit works through you like that to get to the hearts of your hearers. I love that about Him.

Press on, dear brothers. Our short time here on earth is the only opportunity we will ever have to share the gospel of Jesus. There will be no need to do so in Heaven.