Sunday Afternoon at Ritter Park - July 4, 2010

I had the opportunity to read Gods Word at Ritter Park in Huntington,WV. It was a beautiful afternoon. There were lots of people walking, running and riding bikes around the park. I set up and began to read 1 John for Project Ezra. While I was reading a woman and her son sat down at nearby picnic table to listen. After reading 1 John and proclaiming the Gospel I asked them not to only consider the freedom that was purchased 200 years ago, but the forgiveness that was purchased 2000 years ago through Christ. The little boy wanted a Bible and his mom thanked me for reading. Another woman stopped running briefly to say thank you for reading 1 John. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to read the Word in public. May many repent and believe. Keep Fishin.


Paul Latour said…
"...,devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching." (1 Timothy:13)

Such a simple thing to do and so effective, as you clearly demonstrated, brother.

You do the reading and the Lord does all the work in softening and leading hearts to Himself.

What could be easier?

God bless you.