St. George Street - St. Augustine, FL

I just wanted to share this e-mail with everyone. This team in North Florida continues to grow as people continue to step out of their comfort zones to share the Gospel with the lost. May we risk it all for His Glory!!

Greetings Saints,

Yesterday, the Lord Jesus Christ provided another beautiful day in St. Augustine to proclaim the light of the Gospel of His glory. He brought 13 people together from 6 churches for the single purpose of proclaiming the Gospel. The Lord blessed us with a permit to use amplification and a gazebo from which to set up our base of operation (our usual designated spot is in direct sunlight). The gazebo was slightly elevated and had a roof which provided shade. Thank you Lord for even orchestrating the little details.
The group sang songs, read scripture, preached the Gospel, handed out tracts and witnessed one-to-one and to small groups. It was a great day exalting the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and being with His people. Thank you for praying for the event. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send out more laborers into the harvest field. May we grow, by His grace, to love Him more and to those created in His image. To Him be the glory for ever and ever.
Lord willing, we will return to St. George Street on July 10th from 11am-6pm. We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us. Please don't feel as though you must engage in open air preaching or any other activity.
Simply coming alongside others is a blessing.
If you need a ride or would like to caravan with us, we will be leaving the church parking lot at 10:30. If you need to call us for any reason, you may reach us at 349-3106. Looking forward to laboring with you.

Worthy is the Lamb