Solo at Ritter Park - June 2010

Got a late start today....I decided to head out to Ritter Park to share the gospel. When I arrived I saw people walking, running and just relaxing. I read John 3 and presented the gospel in the open air. One guy who was running by shouted "Praise the Lord" and smiled. I appreciated the encouragement. I packed up my things and was walking towards the exit of the park when I heard someone say "excuse me, can I get one of those Bibles from you?" She said,"My name is Dorothy, I was listening to you while I sat on the bench over there." (I couldn't even see her over there) We both sat down at a picnic table nearby where I was able to present the gospel and answer the questions she had. She understood the gospel. Please pray that she will come to repentance and faith in the Savior. Thank you Lord for that opportunity to proclaim Your Truth. Keep fishin!!


Paul Latour said…
I like the part of your story where you basically admitted you didn't even know this person, Dorothy, was anywhere in the vicinity hearing your gospel presentation.

I LOVE how the Lord does that.

We must preach even when we think nobody is listening. The Spirit knows who is.

Praise God for your continued faithfulness, brother! Preach on!