Downtown Huntington - June 2010

Dan, Bill and myself headed to downtown Huntington. Vernon had a great conversation with a guy named Justin. He said "He was saved". When Vernon asked him How? Why? and How he could be saved Justin couldn't tell him. Justin was at a loss for words. He knew the lingo but that's it. Vernon spent the rest of his time explaining the gospel to Justin. Justin said "It makes sense" and was given a Bible. Pray that Justin would come to repentance and faith in the Savior. Dan spoke with a few people today one on one, and also handed out several Gospel tracts. One man that Dan spoke with was very confident that he was going to Heaven and assured Dan that he reads his Bible everyday and prays. Dan asked him if he was born again, and his response was that he did not identify with man made religion and was secure in 'his' beliefs and ways.. Dan told him that Jesus said, "You must be born again". At that point the man said he had to get to lunch and abruptly walked away. Dan also spoke to a gentleman that claimed that you get a belief (or in his mind saved) in you when you are little. Dan was not sure where he was going with that one, because Dan tried to speak to the man but he left quickly as well. Dan also had a few conversations with some beleivers(Kathleen and Jo). Bill had several conversations throughout the city as he passed out gospel tracts. later, We all went to Ritter Park and read John 3 and presented the Gospel in the Open-Air. Praise the Lord for this opportunity. Keep Fishin.


Dan Stokley said…
Had a great time!
Nate said…
God Bless you Guys, Nate, Binghamton, NY
Paul Latour said…
"Check, check...(insert squealing microphone sound here)...Check 1,2,3."

OK, back on, Vernon. Beforehand, I was not able to make it to your comment page.


Press on, brother. Thanks!