Three Days!!

Day One:
My good friend and brother flew up to Huntington,WV to go fishing with me...street fishing that is!! John and I went street fishing together when I lived in Jacksonville, FL. I picked up at the airport we headed to Downtown Charleston, WV. We decided to camp out awhile around the Town Centre Mall. It definitely was the right choice. It was lunch time and their was a lot of activity. We were able to speak with many folks and give out many tracts. While John was speaking with someone I noticed two outside restaurant areas. The tables outside were packed with people. So I decided to break out our hand-held PA system and present the gospel. As soon as I said the first word everybody turned and looked, some continued to eat and others just seamed to be zoned in on the message. What a great opportunity to have an audience like that. Many seeds were planted!!
John and I then went over to the nearby park and city bus station. Again there were many people there. John began his open air and was heckled by a woman who said she was a witch. (see the pic) Another man asked if he could speak in the mic. I asked this man what he thought about what John was saying? He said, "I'm a Christian, I'm saved". I asked him "What does that mean?" He then responded with cursing and vulgarity and of course through Jesus' name in the middle of it all. He stuck around for awhile and I was able to use what he had said as an example of blasphemy when I spoke.
We concluded our evening at Ritter Park in Huntington,WV. Kenny Taylor met up with us there. He read from the Scriptures and did some Open-Air. John and I also spoke and handed out several tracts. We received word of encouragement from people who were walking around the park as well as some who came and listened. We also were able to give away a Bible. What a great day.
Day Two:
John, Gerald and myself drove to the Creation Museum in Kentucky. We had a great time.
Day Three:
John, Dan and myself started off the day in Downtown Huntington. We spoke with several people. Dan talked to Jennifer, who was a 22 year old that had a pentecostal background. She was a little familiar with the Gospel, but not entirely. He was able to explain the Gospel to her and she showed concern for her soul. Dan gave her the good news of Jesus Christ, and left her with a Bible and his email address.. He also talked to Casey who was a professing Christian and was nice to talk with.. Dan talked with him about the false conversions due to the mondern day Gospel, and explained why that was so dangerous. He also talked to Emily who was a "Christian", but in talking to her she realized that she was not.. He shared with her the judgement, and explained how one could be saved through Jesus Christ.. Lastly Dan talked to Frank, who had told him that one of us had talked to him a few months back.. Frank had no concern for his Soul, and Dan had to leave him at what would happen to someone had they not repented and put their faith in Christ..
John spoke to several people all over Downtown Huntington. He even was giving away money in front of Huntington Junior College to anyone who could name the Ten Commandments in 30 second or less. That was a great springboard to the Law and the Gospel.
I had the opportunity to speak with Sheena. She had been saved for about 4 years and attended a local church in Huntington. She described how her life had totally changed since becoming a Christian. She also expressed a desire to learn how to share her faith effectively and Biblically. I directed her to The Way of the Master website.
I spoke with Kenny and Shane. They thought they could work their way to heaven and that their good would outweigh their bad. After going through the Law and the Gospel they understood what they needed to do to receive the gift of eternal life.

We then headed over to Marshall University. We saw a band playing by the fountain and many, many, many people. We had several great conversations and passed out several hundred tracts.
Later in the evening, John, Bill and myself went over to Ritter Park. it was very crowded. We all did some open-air preaching and passed out several tracts. Once again several people came by and sat down at the nearby picnic tables and listened to the Gospel. We were encouraged once again by several people in the park who said they could hear the message being proclaimed all over the park. What a great three days. We thank the Lord for the opportunity to share His Truth with the lost. Keep fishin!!


Paul Latour said…
Sure. Great. Go to the Creation Museum without me! Thanks. :(

So aside from me learing how to cope with rejection, great job on the three day gospel jaunt! Wonderful to read your accounts and see the pix. God is so good! Press on, bro! You're doing great! :)