John and Aaron at Bike Week - Daytona 2010

Heres a recent update from John Schaffer's fishing team in Jacksonville, FL.

You would have loved it brother. Aaron and I got there around 10:30. Set up on the corner of Main Street directly across from the world famous Boot Hill Saloon. We were standing in the entrance of a graveyard which was a few feet off the sidewalk, a perfect place. We started open airing about 11am. A guy from across the street came over and demanded we stop because wee were bothering his customers. We told him that we were legal and would not be moving unless a policeman told us to. He cussed us out and left. A few minutes later a cop walked up and said he had complaints that we were calling girls wicked names. We said that we never said those things. The cop let us stay there. So we just kept handing out out tracts and preaching until 7pm. My voice was gone after a few hours. Aaron did a bulk of the 7 hours preaching. Thousands of tracts were passed and thousands of people heard about Christ. One dude tried to rip a chord out of the amp. He had to be manhandled. It went well, Thousands heard the message of the cross. Next Saturday were going to St. George st. should be packed with people. Got 10 guys going down. Open air right in the middle of George St. Three weeks later Huntington WV yyewehhaaww

Praise the Lord!!See ya in 3 weeks brother....keep fishin.


Paul Latour said…
Man, I got exasperated just reading about preaching for 7 hours and handing out thousands of tracts.

"Yeehaww!", in this case, is a gross understatement. :)

Way to go, guys! Thanks for the post, Vernon.