Great Morning!

I started off today planning on going for a walk, hangin at the house for a bit then going to work. While I was getting ready I started to think about my walk and how it could be more than just a walk. So I grabbed some tracts and my i-pod and hit he streets. I walked towards Downtown Huntington. On the way I walked by Marshall University and handed out tracts on my way to the Downtown area. Once downtown I was able to pass out several tracts and have several good conversations and a mini open air with a group of young ladies at Huntington Junior College. They understood their need of a Savior. I pray they will bow the knee. On my way back towards the house I stopped again at Marshall and handed out some more tracts and had some good conversations. One guy named Marcus had gotten a tract last time we were there. He understood the gospel and I just reinforced what Marcus needed to do in order to go to Heaven when he died. He thanked me and went off to class. Pray that Marcus would come to repentance and faith in the Savior. All in all what was just gonna be a walk turned out to be an awesome morning where God was indeed glorified and over a hundred people got the gospel message in their hand. Keep Fishin.


Paul Latour said…
It's good to be a morning person! :)