Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Power of God Unto Salvation

Heres a story from my dear friend and street fishin partner John Schaffer in Jacksonville, FL:

Typically when we share the Gospel on the streets (e.g. college campuses, malls, etc.), it is a very rare occurrence, if ever, for most of us, to actually meet someone with whom we’ve shared the Gospel who God has brought to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. By God’s grace I had such an encounter. This past November I was at UNF (University of North Florida—Vernon’s old fishing hole) with a first-timer, Daniel. He has become a very faithful “fishing” partner. Our last conversation of the night was with a couple of guys sitting outside of the UNF library (Vernon knows the spot well). While we were speaking with them, I noticed a young man sitting nearby. He seemed to be listening to our conversation. When we finished talking with the two students, we started heading towards the parking garage. The young man who was sitting nearby approached us and asked me if I remembered him. I told him that I kind of did, but not exactly. He said his name was Ben and that I had shared the Gospel with him and his twin brother Max, who are Jewish, and a friend of theirs in the summer of 2009. He said that their friend, a person who knew about the Bible according to Ben, kept bringing up objections during the Gospel presentation. However, he and his brother, by God’s grace, were coming to an understanding of who Christ is as the conversation continued (WOW! God may have been providentially using Ben and Max’s friend’s objections to steer the conversation and ultimately make the Gospel clear to them). He thanked me for sharing the Gospel with him and his brother. He told us they both were saved and proceeded to share his testimony with us right there on the spot. Ben and Max are Jews, who by God’s grace know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Messiah and trust in Him alone for their salvation. He told us how he and his brother saw the Lord Jesus Christ all throughout the Old Testament. I was able to witness their baptism in January. Both Ben and Max are excited to learn more about Christ, glorify Him, and evangelize the lost. They love listening to MacArthur. Pray that the Lord will strengthen them and use them in a mighty way to proclaim the Messiah. Also, pray for the UNF outreach. It is our desire to exalt the name of Jesus Christ by singing doctrinally rich Gospel songs on the green (a large grassy area in the middle of the campus) and proclaiming the Gospel in between the songs. The Lord has been providing more laborers to UNF recently. We lost Vernon, but gained numerous others. He is Faithful! May we be faithful in sowing the seed of the Gospel. Keep Proclaiming Him! In His power! For His glory!
For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Keep Fishin!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

John and Aaron at Bike Week - Daytona 2010

Heres a recent update from John Schaffer's fishing team in Jacksonville, FL.

You would have loved it brother. Aaron and I got there around 10:30. Set up on the corner of Main Street directly across from the world famous Boot Hill Saloon. We were standing in the entrance of a graveyard which was a few feet off the sidewalk, a perfect place. We started open airing about 11am. A guy from across the street came over and demanded we stop because wee were bothering his customers. We told him that we were legal and would not be moving unless a policeman told us to. He cussed us out and left. A few minutes later a cop walked up and said he had complaints that we were calling girls wicked names. We said that we never said those things. The cop let us stay there. So we just kept handing out out tracts and preaching until 7pm. My voice was gone after a few hours. Aaron did a bulk of the 7 hours preaching. Thousands of tracts were passed and thousands of people heard about Christ. One dude tried to rip a chord out of the amp. He had to be manhandled. It went well, Thousands heard the message of the cross. Next Saturday were going to St. George st. should be packed with people. Got 10 guys going down. Open air right in the middle of George St. Three weeks later Huntington WV yyewehhaaww

Praise the Lord!!See ya in 3 weeks brother....keep fishin.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great Morning!

I started off today planning on going for a walk, hangin at the house for a bit then going to work. While I was getting ready I started to think about my walk and how it could be more than just a walk. So I grabbed some tracts and my i-pod and hit he streets. I walked towards Downtown Huntington. On the way I walked by Marshall University and handed out tracts on my way to the Downtown area. Once downtown I was able to pass out several tracts and have several good conversations and a mini open air with a group of young ladies at Huntington Junior College. They understood their need of a Savior. I pray they will bow the knee. On my way back towards the house I stopped again at Marshall and handed out some more tracts and had some good conversations. One guy named Marcus had gotten a tract last time we were there. He understood the gospel and I just reinforced what Marcus needed to do in order to go to Heaven when he died. He thanked me and went off to class. Pray that Marcus would come to repentance and faith in the Savior. All in all what was just gonna be a walk turned out to be an awesome morning where God was indeed glorified and over a hundred people got the gospel message in their hand. Keep Fishin.