Tracts, Tracts, and more Tracts!!!

Don't you just love tracts? They are a very efficient way of proclaming the Gospel. Sometimes all you have time to do is hand someone a tract. I have had several experiences where I or a friend of mine has handed a tract to someone only to find out sometime later that God has saved them. They approach you with the biggest smile ever because their soul has been redeemed! They have been born again. Some have even gone into full-time ministry as pastors. God is indeed sovereign and not dependent on our clever speech or anything else. He commands that we proclaim the Gospel! Get out of your comfort zone and reach as many as you can with the Gospel while you still have time.

Today I met up with Gerald Foster. He is one of the Elders at Grace Fellowship Church in Hurricane, WV. Gerald wanted to hit the streets and get a first hand look at what we do. We started off at Ritter Park with some Scripture reading. This weeks Project Ezra scripture reading was Ecclesiastes 2. We did some open-air preaching and handed out some tracts!!
Then we cruised over to one of our favorite fishing holes: Marshall University. We spoke with several people on this chilly day. The gospel got into over 300 hands today. Pray that many would come to repentance and faith in the Savior.

If your ever in the Hurricane, WV area. Consider visiting Grace Fellowship Church. They love God's Word and they love people. I was very encouraged to have Gerald come out today and look forward to serving along side of him and anyone else who would like to proclaim the Truth with us. Keep Fishin!


Katrina said…
Thanks for this reminder about the validity of using gospel tracts in witnessing encounters.
I will be praying for those who received the gospel message in their hands today.
I'm encouraged by your faithfulness.