Shawnee State University - Feb 2010

Today we (Gerald, Dan, Bill and myself) made our trek up to Portsmouth, Ohio to Shawnee State University. We werent there 5 came out and relocated us to a new area. Security at SSU has always been pleasant to work with. We complied and trusted in Gods sovereignty. We soon came to find out that this indeed was a good location, maybe even better than the first. We met up with our friends Gary and Tim from Grace Community Church of Portsmouth. We all were able to hand out hundreds of tracts and engage in several conversations. Here are a few:

This was Gerald Fosters first trip to SSU to reach the lost. He spoke with several people. One guy he spoke with wanted to know more about creation. Gerald spoke with him about creation and later referred him to the Answers In Genesis website which has an enormous amount of info on the subject. We were very encouraged to have Gerald with us!!

Bill spoke with a friendly young lady named Adoujah, a Sunni Muslim student from Morocco. After a few minutes of comparing the Islamic and Christian faiths, Adoujah agreed to compare her life against God's law (which is recognized as holy scripture in Islam). Although she at first expressed confidence in the mercy of allah to let her sins go unpunished, she was a bit surprised when confronted with Proverbs 17:15, "He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.". Bill explained to her that a just God could never allow justice to be left unserved, and therefore would never allow sin to go unpunished. At that moment, her confident countenance changed and she heard the good news of Jesus. Gary happened to be only a few feet away at the time and was able to provide her with some additional literature that further explains the gospel to muslims. Please pray that God will lead her out of deception and in to the truth of his grace.

Dan had a long conversation with Dillon. From what Dan could understand Dillon had combined some of evolution and creation together. He made his own god. Dan spoke with him about all the evidence of a Creator (everything around us)... He later took him through the Law and showed him how he has sinned against a Holy and Righteous God.. by his own admission Dillon said he would spend eternity in hell and was concerned. Dan graciously shared the gospel with him and urged him to repent and put his faith in Christ...

We know that seeds were indeed planted today. Pray for the harvest!! Keep Fishin.