I want to share an extraordinary sequence of events that took place in downtown Huntington today that have all of us praising God for his providence and grace. About 11 am this morning the three of us set up on a corner with Dan holding the cross. Vernon and I (Bill) immediately decided to make a quick walk down to the nearby community college to hand out tracts and talk to the students. When we arrived we discovered an empty corner with nobody outside the school. We both figured that the snow had kept everyone inside and decided to do some open air preaching at the busy intersection two blocks over. We set up and I had only belted out the words "Hello Huntington, I want to..." when our amplified speaker died. At this point, I was feeling a little bit frustrated as we were having a hard time finding an audience for the Gospel in the midst of a winter snowstorm. Little did I know that God had a divine appointment set for the audience he had chosen. After our equipment failure on the corner, Vernon and I were separated as we were both passing out tracts to the few people walking down the streets. On the way back to rendezvous with the guys at the original corner, I approached two young ladies named Latisha and Saeisha outside the community college with million dollar bill tracts. They asked what they were, and I told them. I asked them what their opinions are on God, eternity, and morality, and it opened the door to a very honest, sincere conversation. I was honored with the opportunity to share God's law with them, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After about 10 minutes, at the close of our discussion, Saeisha looked at me and then Latisha and said "Bill, I'll never forget this conversation, and I'm going to go think about this right now", and then she asked for a bible. She then asked, "Latisha, where are you going now?". Latisha looked at me and said, "I'm going to go repent of my sin and put my trust in Jesus Christ right now." I gave her a bible, my email address, and the web address of my church, encouraged them, and said goodbye. Latisha said "Well, I WILL see you again" (meaning in eternity with Jesus). It is so amazing to see a heart broken under the conviction of sin, only to be made whole by the grace found through faith in Jesus Christ. I want to encourage you all that the Gospel is STILL the power of God unto salvation! If you want to see God at work, tell someone clearly, tell someone in love sincerely, that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Dan: Pepsi guy at the stoplight asked where I was from and said "What you are doing is Awesome!!" another guy drove buy and shouted "Hey, I AM ready"..
Many people waved, and had some thumbs up from passers by...
Dan also handed out several gospel tracts .

Vernon: Today was a great day...Latisha got saved!! We look forward to hearing from her. Also I had the opportunity to see Mulhollah (sp) today. He drove up while we were on the corner of 5th and 10th. He needed some tracts to hand out which we gave him plenty. We look forward to seeing how God uses him to reach the lost. We handed out several tracts. Pray that many would come to repentance and faith in the Savior. Keep Fishin.


Paul Latour said…
I love it when God does stuff like fry out your speaker and in turn having that circumstance lead you to talk with Latisha and Saeisha via handing out gospel tracts only to have their hearts moved by His Spirit unto conviction during your personal presentation to them.

Again, wonderful work, guys. AND God bless you for your dedication to spread the Word despite the cold and the snow. That's not easy. I know it well.