Stop Light Preaching!!

We had a special visit from Sean Borca. He was a member of our evangelism team in Jacksonville, FL. Sean is faithful in spreading the gospel wherever he goes. Today he was going to Open Air for the second time.

We all had a great day. We started off with our "Project Ezra" scripture reading at Ritter Park and then headed to Downtown Huntington, WV. to meet up with Dan and the cross.
Bill had a great discussion with Mike, a 20 something guy who was raised in a baptist church, who had made a profession of faith in Jesus as a child and had been baptised. He was quick to note that he doesn't trust in Jesus now and that he's currently trying to "figure things out" as far as faith and God are concerned. Bill was able to go through the law with Mike, and present the gospel of Jesus to him. Mike left with a million dollar bill tract in hand and promised to consider his eternity and what he and Bill discussed.
Dan spoke with George today, that claimed he was born again.. He asked him how someone would become born again... George said, "Accept Jesus". He had no understanding of repentance and faith in Christ... Dan took him through the Law, but he had no conviction of his wrong doings.. Dan left him at that as he said he had to go... George believed 'his' truth was more important that God's Word...
Dan also spoke with Kenneth at the Courthouse and asked him where a person goes when they die.. He told me Heaven or Hell.. Dan asked him where he was going, and Kenneth said he didn't know... Dan took him through the Law, and asked him if he was concerened.. He said he was not and that he had to go...
Dan had a lady stop and ask what the Cross was all about... She asked if it was about the apocalypse... Dan asked her who she thought would go to heaven.. She told me that she thought everyone went to Heaven.. Dan asked where she got her information, and she told me the Bible.. Dan proceeded to try to talk to her a bit, but she was not open to things of God. She had her own beliefs and stated she had to get going... Dan left her with the website

On a funnier note : Dan had a brief encouter of some weird guy with Florida plates.. He stopped at the light and asked "Are you ready for what?" Dan told him "Eternity, Heaven or Hell" Dan asked him if he was ready, and he stated "I'm not sure".. Dan told him to pull off and come talk for a few minutes if he had time... He later rolled down his windows and Dan saw two really shady guys with him.. One I think had a prison stocking cap on.. The other one looked like he could talk your ear off.. The guys in the truck were Sean, Bill, and Vernon. We were on our way to meet Dan. Dan wasn't familiar with the truck or with Sean whose was driving. We just decided to mess with Dan a bit. A funny moment!! Keep fishin.


Paul Latour said…
Great work, guys! That's wonderful!

Great gag, guys! That's hilarious!

Who said Christians have no sense of humor? :)