Be My Witnesses!!

Heres a email I got from a good friend of mine in Jacksonville, FL:

Colleen just called me and was so excited….she shared the Gospel with a lady at the gym this morning and the lady apparently got saved or getting saved…way to long of a story to tell by email but it was really something….Here is a brief summary --- Colleen told the lady to lose the Rosary deal ( she is a catholic and wears a big crucifix and was talking about her doing the Rosary to Colleen) and turn to God for rest and salvation…shared 2 ways to live and she completely understood and was very much awakened to her need to repent and confess Jesus as Lord ..…this all took place in front of several other folks in the room and of course Colleen prayed and the lady was completely blown away by the Truth, she completely understood repentance for the 1st time in her life and her need to have her sin forgiven. She is going home to read John. Please pray for Loraine and praise God for who He is and what He is doing with Loraine.

This event with Colleen and Loraine reminded me how easy it is to share Jesus and His Gospel with strangers without becoming good friends prior to sharing the Gospel with them. It also reminded me of the many opportunities there are to share the Gospel if we only pay attention and take those opportunities….Loraine and Colleens conversation started out by Colleen telling Loraine good morning then Loraine complaining back to Colleen telling how stressed out she was and that she has a headache over all the issues she is dealing with….Colleen told her the Bible says in Mathew that Jesus calls all who are weary and heavy laden to come to Him and He will give you rest….the lady tells Colleen she goes to church some and she prays the Rosary – then Colleen was “off to the races” with the Gospel……this a sober reminder for me and hopefully you as well to look for and take advantage of ministry opportunities like this. Colleen is the one who was blessed today as a result her obedience and her joy was really cool to see…so cool that I am writing this email to all of you.

Go share your faith while you still have time!!! Keep Fishin!!


Jennifer said…
Thank you for sharing this story, it is a reminder not to let opportunities pass by to tell others about the law and the gospel. I will be praying that Loraine will repent of her sins and surrender her life to Christ.
God bless you,