Last Week.....This Week....Merry Christmas!!

Last Week:

We (Dan, Bill, and Myself) started off the 36 degree day at Ritter Park with our "Project Ezra Scripture Reading". We sopke with several people and gave out tracts. Then we headed to Downtown Huntington with the cross. Dan spoke with John a Catholic that did not have a firm belief in Heaven or Hell, and where people go when they die. He simply stated the truth to him in what the Bible says.. Dan believes that John does have an understanding that he will be judged, and depending on his Repentance and Faith will be judged accordingly by a Holy and Righteous God... John did not really understand why Dan was out there proclaiming the truth.. Dan simply told him because he cared about people and did not want to see them go to hell..
Dan also passed a tract to another young gentlemen as he entered a cell phone store.. About 10 minutes later he came back out and asked Dan if I was an activist.. He told him he was not, as he was pointing to the picture of Obama on the front of the tract.. Dan told him that it was just a tract, something to gain someone's attention with the picture on it... He then asked Dan if he believed if it was an abomination for someone to be gay. Dan told him " yes, I do believe it is, as well as lying, stealing, etc.." this man then yelled a profanity at Dan and left... As he entered the car someone was picking him up with in the middle of the street he shouted "equality for everyone".

Bill had the cross and was able to speak with several people as well. One car of teenagers stopped and asked "Ready for what?" Bill was able to briefly speak to them and give them a gospel tract before the light turned green.
Bill also had a semi-truck driver stop in the middle of his left turn and Bill gave him a tract.
Many MDB's were handed out by all of us that day. Pray that many would come to repentance and faith in Jesus.

This Week:

Standing with the Cross today was met with much encouragement from honks, and thumbs up from people... Also had one gentlemen roll down his window and say "Yes I'm ready, Love the Cross, and You all are doing a great job, keep it up".. Dan was also met a gentlemen at the crosswalk that turned to him and said "Yes, I'm ready".. A lady with her daughter came up to grab a Gospel tract from Dan, she had said she had seen him standing there with the Cross from a ways away, and her daughter wanted to know what we were handing out. Also had one other man come up to grab one, as he saw Dan handing out tracts to others.. Dan handed a Gospel tract to a man that he spoke with last week.. As Dan handed him the tract Dan thought he looked familiar... He said "I got one last week from you, don't you remember me?"... Dan told him he did remember and repeated his name.. Please remember John in prayer...

Vernon spoke with Cortez. Cortez just moved to Huntington, WV from Cincinnati, OH. When asked "Where do you think you'll spend eternity when you die?" Cortez responded.." I hope with the man upstairs". He was familiar with God's commandments. As we went through a few of them....Cortez admitted he was guilty of breaking them and deserved eternal punishment in hell for breaking God's Law. He was concerned for his eternity. He understood the Gospel and knew that he needed to repent and place his faith in Jesus. Please pray that Cortez will repent and place his trust in the King of Kings.
We also was met with some people that were 'not ready'... Several thumbs down, middle fingers, etc... A couple cars were full of laughter as they viewed the Cross.....

It was a great day on the streets with Dan and the cross. Keep Fishin!!


Paul Latour said…
Wonderful, guys! Praise God for your obedience and willingness to preach despite the cold.

Cold? Ha! Beat ya! Our temp last Saturday when Kim and I went out to preach the gospel was -10C (that's 14F where you are).

And that's considered BALMY compared to what we normally get here. The real cold is yet to come.

Pray our gospel tracts don't freeze up and crack into pieces as we try to hand them out! :)
Godzguy said…
Nice post bro..I'll be posting my first night with the Cross soon..the two pics that Chris took were not good quality..Chris could only stay out there with me a few min. More later.. :)