Lets Roll !!!

What a day. We were able to distribute 1000 Origin of Species books today to students and faculty at Marshall University. There were only a few refusals to take the book which had a 50 page intro that included the gospel. We had Laurie Nair, Darren Arnett, Kevin Simpson, Paul Boekell, Leah Sikes and Julie Costolo making today their first time out with the group. This was Kevin, Darren and Leah's first time out evangelizing. They did a great job! There were no issues until the end of the day when three individuals started to heckle Bill Sikes. Bill continued to speak with the hecklers and the crowd grew larger than larger. Bill then seeing such a large crowd shared the gospel in the open air. The hecklers took off and the crowd stayed and listened. That's just awesome!!! Pray for the people that received the books and heard the gospel that many would repent of their sins and trust in Jesus for their salvation. Thank you to our team:
Laurie Nair
Paul Boekell
Dan Stokley
Bill and Leah Sikes
Guy Reynolds
Chris Tackett
Kevin Simpson
Tim Adams
Darren Arnett
Vernon and Julie Costolo

Keep Fishin!!!


Godzguy said…
YESS!! I pray there are more events for us to come together for the Gospel! I'm getting pumped thinking about them! Love you ALL! Armor on! Eph 6:10-21
Paul Latour said…
YAY TEAM!! And in the pouring rain no less! God bless you all for your efforts.

Our day is Friday. They are calling for rain that day as well. No complaints here though. Just getting excited no matter the weather.

Good work, kids! :)