Black Friday 2009

We ( myself, Bill, and Guy) headed out late Thursday evening to scout out Toys R Us, Best Buy and other stores in the Barboursville, WV area where people would be waiting in line for the doors to open. (We are minus Dan "the media man" because he had to work.) That explains so few photos or lack of video...we really miss him when he's not with us. Anyway, when we arrived we saw that the Toys R Us parking lot packed with people all across the front of the store at least 50 foot deep. We began handing out tracts and then Bill got up on a hill nearby and started to open-air. He had the attention of hundreds of people. He spoke to the crowd in a compassionate way explaining the law and the gospel. I followed Bill and spoke to the crowd. There was a constant flow of people therefore we had several opportunities to share the truth with the crowd. The Fire Marshall would only let a certain amount of people in the store so several hundred people had to wait outside for people to leave the store before they could able to go inside. Praise God!! We had a captive audience. Several people came up to us asking questions and some for words of encouragement.
Next we went over to Best Buy. Bill and I handed tracts to the crowd and Guy spoke to the crowd delivering the gospel. We thank God for the opportunity to hand out more than 600 tracts (we ran out) and for the hundreds of people that heard the gospel. We will be ready for next year with more tracts and more proclaimers of the Truth. Keep Fishin!!!


Paul Latour said…
Wow! What a great opportunity. Way to seize it for the Lord and the gospel truth!

Sidenote: Amazing the lengths people will go to in order to prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Son of God, Lord and Savior.

(Sarcasm intended.)

Great job, guys!