All Over Town (part 2)

After lasts weeks surprises our team decided to visit the same areas again. We started off just like last week at Ritter Park. I read Rev.20, Dan read Rev 21, and Bill read Rev 22 as part of "Project Ezra" and then broke into his open air. Dan and followed later with our own open air. Several people were listening and we had opportunities to speak with them. Our next stop was downtown Huntington, WV. We camped out at 4th Ave and 10th St. I had the cross. We all handed out gospel tracts and engaged people in conversation. Dan spoke with a guy named Labamaba... (that is what he said his name was)... He had the belief that our beliefs are more important that the truth.. Dan was able to go through the law with him and he understood the gospel. We pray he will repent of his sin and trust in Christ. Dan was able to hand out 30 tracts and he is looking forward to who he will talk to throughout the week. One of Bills conversations was with a guy named Tony who said he understood for the first time that God would be a corrupt judge for dismissing sin without punishment. Bill eventually told him he needed to repent and put his trust in Jesus, and Tony said he would consider what they had discussed. Bill also talked with Justin, who has been searching for truth in various religions and initially claimed a belief in reincarnation. When Bill pressed him on his views of the injustice in our fallen world, he admitted that he believed there is a judgement awaiting all people in eternity. They went through God's law together and Justin was quite
concerned about his readiness to enter eternity. Bill shared the good news of Jesus with him and Justin said that their conversation had given him much to think about. Please pray for Labamaba, Tony, and Justin. Maybe we will see them this week as we hit the streets. Keep Fishin!!


Paul Latour said…
Statuesque looking characters preaching the gospel atop a stone pillar. :) Press on in the good work, guys!
That’s awesome! It’s great to see more brothers and sisters out there today also.