All Over Town (part 1)

Bill and I started off our day going to Ritter Park and doing our "Project Ezra" scripture reading and then we both did some open-air. We also had opportunities to engage several people in conversation or just hand them a gospel tract. During the open-air people were definitely listening to the law and the gospel. Some people even walked closer and stopped to listen. Then we went to downtown Huntington (4th Ave. and 10th St.) with the cross. It's a great location especially during lunchtime. We handed out a lot of tracts and several great things happened. One guy crossed the
street took a tract
and while he was reading it he said, "I have been thinking about
God lately....this is definitely a message
for me." We hope to see him again this week. The second thing that happened was a city bus stopped at the corner where I was holding the cross. The bus driver who had passengers onboard, unbuckled his seatbelt walked off the bus to get a tract. He thanked us and drove off. Then a police car pulled up to the curve..(we thought they were going to give us some grief) they said, "you guys need to go down by the police station with that cross, alot of officers need to see that and hear the message." We thanked them for their encouragement. That was our afternoon in downtown Huntington. Later on that evening I took the cross to 29th St and 5th Ave for a few hours to catch the rush hour traffic. I was able to hand out six tracts and had one guy stop and chat with a word of encouragement. It was a wonderful day. Looking forward to this week on the streets. Keep Fishin!!


Paul Latour said…
Loved reading about the pedestrian, the bus driver and the cops.

This is so encouraging for me, especially when I second guess my decision to go out with the cross sometimes when things are quiet outside. Must be the devil whispering lies in my ear.

I go nonetheless and, like you, God blesses obedience...everytime!