Sunday, November 29, 2009

An Atheist Biology Professor responds to the "Origin Into Schools" project.....

We previously blogged about our encounter with the enraged atheists during the Origin Into Schools project. One thing we didn’t mention was that shortly after the Gospel was preached and the atheists had left, an unidentified woman who had witnessed the confrontation approached our team and asked for as many books as we would allow her to have. We gave her the last remaining handful we had and at the time were just thankful to have them all distributed. Today, after church, Bill (a member of our team that day) happened to spot that woman in a restaurant. It turns out that the woman is a faculty member in the biology department at Marshall University and informed Bill that she read Ray Comfort’s intro to the book and then distributed all the copies we gave her to her students. While she is a professing atheist, she said that she is very concerned with the way the scientific community has blindly accepted evolution as fact when there are so many problems with the theory. She said she doesn’t like the way her colleagues are suppressing information that is counter to the theory, and that the scientific community is practicing “denialism” by ignoring the facts. She said that they(evolution-endorsing scientists) know that “intelligent designers” (her words) have “picked up on the fact that the fossil record just doesn’t fit” with Darwin’s theory and that they are attempting to indoctrinate college students, rather than educate them. She expressed a desire to present her students with all of the evidence so that they can make up their own minds. It was really encouraging to know that at least one professor at the university hasn’t given in to pressure and isn’t suppressing the truth. More than that, it’s humbling to know that God can even use atheists to proclaim his gospel. Keep Fishin!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday 2009

We ( myself, Bill, and Guy) headed out late Thursday evening to scout out Toys R Us, Best Buy and other stores in the Barboursville, WV area where people would be waiting in line for the doors to open. (We are minus Dan "the media man" because he had to work.) That explains so few photos or lack of video...we really miss him when he's not with us. Anyway, when we arrived we saw that the Toys R Us parking lot packed with people all across the front of the store at least 50 foot deep. We began handing out tracts and then Bill got up on a hill nearby and started to open-air. He had the attention of hundreds of people. He spoke to the crowd in a compassionate way explaining the law and the gospel. I followed Bill and spoke to the crowd. There was a constant flow of people therefore we had several opportunities to share the truth with the crowd. The Fire Marshall would only let a certain amount of people in the store so several hundred people had to wait outside for people to leave the store before they could able to go inside. Praise God!! We had a captive audience. Several people came up to us asking questions and some for words of encouragement.
Next we went over to Best Buy. Bill and I handed tracts to the crowd and Guy spoke to the crowd delivering the gospel. We thank God for the opportunity to hand out more than 600 tracts (we ran out) and for the hundreds of people that heard the gospel. We will be ready for next year with more tracts and more proclaimers of the Truth. Keep Fishin!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lets Roll !!!

What a day. We were able to distribute 1000 Origin of Species books today to students and faculty at Marshall University. There were only a few refusals to take the book which had a 50 page intro that included the gospel. We had Laurie Nair, Darren Arnett, Kevin Simpson, Paul Boekell, Leah Sikes and Julie Costolo making today their first time out with the group. This was Kevin, Darren and Leah's first time out evangelizing. They did a great job! There were no issues until the end of the day when three individuals started to heckle Bill Sikes. Bill continued to speak with the hecklers and the crowd grew larger than larger. Bill then seeing such a large crowd shared the gospel in the open air. The hecklers took off and the crowd stayed and listened. That's just awesome!!! Pray for the people that received the books and heard the gospel that many would repent of their sins and trust in Jesus for their salvation. Thank you to our team:
Laurie Nair
Paul Boekell
Dan Stokley
Bill and Leah Sikes
Guy Reynolds
Chris Tackett
Kevin Simpson
Tim Adams
Darren Arnett
Vernon and Julie Costolo

Keep Fishin!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

All Over Town (part 2)

After lasts weeks surprises our team decided to visit the same areas again. We started off just like last week at Ritter Park. I read Rev.20, Dan read Rev 21, and Bill read Rev 22 as part of "Project Ezra" and then broke into his open air. Dan and followed later with our own open air. Several people were listening and we had opportunities to speak with them. Our next stop was downtown Huntington, WV. We camped out at 4th Ave and 10th St. I had the cross. We all handed out gospel tracts and engaged people in conversation. Dan spoke with a guy named Labamaba... (that is what he said his name was)... He had the belief that our beliefs are more important that the truth.. Dan was able to go through the law with him and he understood the gospel. We pray he will repent of his sin and trust in Christ. Dan was able to hand out 30 tracts and he is looking forward to who he will talk to throughout the week. One of Bills conversations was with a guy named Tony who said he understood for the first time that God would be a corrupt judge for dismissing sin without punishment. Bill eventually told him he needed to repent and put his trust in Jesus, and Tony said he would consider what they had discussed. Bill also talked with Justin, who has been searching for truth in various religions and initially claimed a belief in reincarnation. When Bill pressed him on his views of the injustice in our fallen world, he admitted that he believed there is a judgement awaiting all people in eternity. They went through God's law together and Justin was quite
concerned about his readiness to enter eternity. Bill shared the good news of Jesus with him and Justin said that their conversation had given him much to think about. Please pray for Labamaba, Tony, and Justin. Maybe we will see them this week as we hit the streets. Keep Fishin!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All Over Town (part 1)

Bill and I started off our day going to Ritter Park and doing our "Project Ezra" scripture reading and then we both did some open-air. We also had opportunities to engage several people in conversation or just hand them a gospel tract. During the open-air people were definitely listening to the law and the gospel. Some people even walked closer and stopped to listen. Then we went to downtown Huntington (4th Ave. and 10th St.) with the cross. It's a great location especially during lunchtime. We handed out a lot of tracts and several great things happened. One guy crossed the
street took a tract
and while he was reading it he said, "I have been thinking about
God lately....this is definitely a message
for me." We hope to see him again this week. The second thing that happened was a city bus stopped at the corner where I was holding the cross. The bus driver who had passengers onboard, unbuckled his seatbelt walked off the bus to get a tract. He thanked us and drove off. Then a police car pulled up to the curve..(we thought they were going to give us some grief) they said, "you guys need to go down by the police station with that cross, alot of officers need to see that and hear the message." We thanked them for their encouragement. That was our afternoon in downtown Huntington. Later on that evening I took the cross to 29th St and 5th Ave for a few hours to catch the rush hour traffic. I was able to hand out six tracts and had one guy stop and chat with a word of encouragement. It was a wonderful day. Looking forward to this week on the streets. Keep Fishin!!