Making the Crosses

Having been inspired and encouraged by Tony Miano and Paul Latour I decided to make a few crosses for our fishing team in Huntington, WV. This is a short description of how I did it and what I used.

I started out with my Materials List:
(this is for one cross)

1 - 1 x 6 x 10 Pine Select (no knots)
1 - 1 1/2 x 1/4 carriage bolt, wing nut and washer
1- English Chestnut Minwax stain
1 - Spray Polyurethane
1 - 4 inch Vinyl Lettering

I started out by cutting my boards to the desired length. The vertical piece measures 4 foot and the horizontal piece measures 3 foot.

Using a dado blade I cut a 1/4 dado in the vertical piece. This will provide stability for the horizontal piece when the cross is in its open position.

Center the horizontal piece in the vertical piece and drill a centering hole.

Drilled a 3/4 hole using a forstner bit to recess the bolt.

Next I made a circle hole jig to make the inlay to hide the bolt.

I mixed some JB Weld to add some additional support to the bolt and to keep the inlay piece from popping out.

Insert the inlay and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Sand the crosses with some fine sandpaper. Theres not too much sanding due to the good grade of lumber that Pine Select is.

Add a coat of English Chestnut Stain and let dry for 24 hours.

Apply three coats of polyurethane. I used a commercial sprayed type but a wipe on or brush on type would work just as well. This would protect the crosses from the elements and give a good surface for the letters to adhere to.

I used some blue tape to help be sure the letters were all lined up properly.

The cross weighs 5.4 lbs.

This woodworker had a lot of fun making these crosses......but its alot more fun using them and seeing them used all over town for the glory of God.
Thanks again to Paul and Tony for the inspiration in this design.

Keep Fishin!!


Dan Stokley said…
Awesome! Praise God for your talent Vernon to work with wood... Thank you so much for my Cross.. May it bring GLORY to GOD!!
Paul Latour said…

Vernon's Cross Factory Outlet has just opened up. :)

What a treat it was to open up to your blog this morning and see your post on the crosses you are making.

I have a sense that there is something bigger that God has planned for those involved in this unique addition to street evangelism.

Sure is encouraging. Thanks for the post on your blog. It's going on mine.

God bless you in this industrious endevour. Keep up the good work!
Dale in TX said…
Beautiful Vernon!!

I really like the stain. I used regular cedar, smooth on 3 sides and used the rougher side for the painted lettering. The spray ambered the wood, so it is lighter. I really liked the stained look.

The best part is the recessed/hidden carriage bolt. I like the carriage bolt but complained to Paul Latour that the bolt stood out so much since it was so shiny. Great instructions.

Thanks for the info and I'm praying for wonderful results for your ministry.