Bill and His Cross

Bill was ready to take his cross to downtown Huntington, WV. He walked into Starbucks, got his coffee and then grabbed a seat outside. When we planned this event we figured we would have about an hour or so till we had to leave and thats how it all worked out. Bill had a chance to speak with several people. He spoke with a Methodist Pastor and a few other people before he was asked to leave. We went to our next location. I read the Project Ezra scripture verses for the week and did some open air. Bill did his first open-air!! He was a natural at it too...he sounded like he's been doing it for years. We all alternated holding the cross as we each open aired. What an exciting day! Many heard the Truth that day, many seeds were planted, and our prayer is that God would draw them to Himself.
Keep Fishin!!!!


Paul Latour said…
I praise God for you, Bill! I pray this was the first of MANY. :)