Dan On The Box!!!!

When I first came to Huntington, WV one year ago I had to try to assemble a street fishin team. I met several guys through Ambassadors Alliance Fellowship. One of those guys was Dan "The Man" Stokley. We first spoke by phone and eventually got together. I can expect a call from Dan every week to plan what pond we will be fishing at. He is faithful in taking the gospel to the lost whenever he has an oppportunity. Dan makes opportunities. I have asked Dan in the past if he wanted to " Get on the Box"...he shook his head and said, "No". Today was a different story...Today Dan got "On the Box" for the first time!!!!. He proclaimed the Law and the Gospel several times at the stoplight. Several people yelled from their vehicles thanking him. We also handed out several tracts and spoke with several people. I thank God that He has given Dan so much love for the lost that he would set aside his fears to glorify his Savior. What a wonderful day. Keep Fishin!!!